Thursday, August 24, 2017

PES 2013 SmilePatch ’13 v5.1 Season 2017/2018


PES 2013 SmilePatch ’13 Update Season 2017/2018

In Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, players are given greater freedom over ball control and the way players receive and trap the ball has been improved. Also in PES 2013, characters are more recognizable and the game is more balanced than ever before.

PES 2013 fuses all of these elements with a lethal degree of precision. It scales back the pace from last year (and thank God for that) while gifting the player with Rasputin-like control over the ball at their player’s feet. The result is a game that is neither simulation nor arcade but a subtle blend of the two, with a control system about as deep as an arcade fighter.

Konami's vision of football feels divorced from reality in other ways. Sprint with the ball and it'll ride back against your runner's feet, relentless backspin killing almost all pace. Deliver an acceptable forward pass and chances are the eventual shot will be strangely scooped, too high and soft to trouble the keeper. PES determines the power of its kicks by the amount of time the button is held – I say 'button' because even the purest of PC purists should be using a pad – but the opportunity to accurately hit even a simple shot is seemingly measured in picoseconds.

Patch Info :

SmilePatch ’13 is an updated patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. The update only works for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. This patch is made by some members from If you're turkish, so you're gonna love this patch because this patch also has an update for Turkey Super League !

Features :

1. Premier League
2. Ligue 1
3. Serie A
4. La Liga Santander
5. Bundesliga
7. PTT
8. 2nd Division (Skybet Championship/Segunda Division Spain)
9. Other Teams

– All New Kits update 
– All New Emblems update 
– All New transfer update 2017/2018
– All New national team squad update 
– All New face update 
– All New ball update 
– Added New Startcreens
– Added New Callname 
– Added New Bootpack
– Include Tool Inside Selector
– Include High Setting for Low Specs
– Football Life start on 
– New Graphic Menus
– New Adboards 
– Added all new HD Turf for all stadium


PES 2013 SmilePatch ’13 Season 2017/2018

Note :

- You need to install from Smile Patch 13 v2.0 + v2.1 RePack --> v5 + v5.1. No need previous release



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