Sunday, December 4, 2016

PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR v4.00 + Update 4.01 with 80 Stadiums

PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR Season 2016/2017 | 7.14 GB

Brazil has many talented people ! here's another example, team from MJ Tutors Games created new patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. This time, the patch is called MjPES Patch with 100% Full Brazilian League inside it ! Other European League such as La Liga & EPL have been updated, but you have to wait for full Bundesliga since the Bundesliga hasn't updated yet. But don't worry, they will update for Bundesliga as soon as possible ! btw, you can see all the features below.

Features :

- Brazilian A and B updated (Names, transfers and uniforms)
- More than 600 faces of Brazilian A and B added
- More than 200 faces in Europe added
- 40 Brazilian stadiums (optional)
- 40 European stadiums (optional)
- Cléber Machado Narration (Optional)
- Bundesliga (Kits, Logos and Transfers)
- Premier League - (Kits, Logos and Transfers)
- Sky Bet Championship
- Liga Santander - (Kits, Logos and Transfers)
- LaLiga 123 (Kits, Logos, Transfers)
- Serie A TIM - (Kits, Logos and Transfers)
- League NOS - (Kits, Logos and Transfers)
- European Clubs (Kits and logos)
- Clubs of America (Kits and Logos)
- New boots (DLC 2.00)
- New songs
- New BR and US cheerleaders
- Liberators added
- Brazil's Cup
- DLC 1.0 and 2.0 included
- Over 250 kits added
- More than 800 new faces added
and much more...

Changelog 4.01 :

- Faces do Brasileirão A e B
- Faces Europeias


- 80 Stadiums is included, but you have to choose betweeen 40 european stadium or 40 brazillian stadiums, because PES 2017 only support Max 41 stadiums slot ( including random stadium ) !

- If you love this patch, make sure you support the original author !


PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR Season 2016/2017


Note : 

- You have to installed v4.00 AIO before updating to v4.01.

- Single Link added !

RAR PASSWORD : mjpes2017


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    1. Nevermind mate, but please next time use english in our blog :D

  2. Hello, I tried to install according to instructions, but after many attempts I still have a bad logos of teams and leagues, the game I steam versions 1.03 and after installing the patch dp 2.0, that is all as it should be, so for what I have bad logos? Please help because of the creator of the patch everything in Brazil-I do not know the language, thanks

    1. screenshots are Mega:!9gwTDIRR!rE_is4cBVsj5urlS2QjS6g

  3. in theory, it seems to me that I was doing as a guide, but it can do when installing an error-now renew patch installations except for the seventh time and still patch does not work.


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