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PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR v4.02 AIO + Update 4.07 Season 2017/2018

PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR Season 2017/2018

Create gamers football fans especially Pro Evolution Soccer series or familiarly abbreviated as PES there is good news for you all where Konami as the developer of this popular ball series announced will release Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. The award winning series returns taking the famed gameplay to a new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and new authentic visuals.

PES 2017 is the best football game I've ever played, offline. The online game mode still continues to have the same issues as the previous series, even now there is an increase in various aspects but not as I had hoped. PES 2017’s standout attribute – which harks right back to the glory days of the series – is the sheer soccer feel it offers. Passes go exactly where you aim them, at the speed you specify. Loose balls ping around convincingly: you must work hard to get them under control, and your adrenaline levels are just as likely to be spiked by a scrappy period of penalty-box pinball as by an immaculate volley from a perfectly executed cross.

With FIFA 17 bringing changes in various aspects, the competition will be even more fierce this year. Konami have a chance to take the title this year and indeed they do it in this game. But there's still a lot of homework to do. Of course, compared with the previous series, PES 2017 presents a series of improvements, both in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Patch Info : 

Brazil has many talented people ! here's another example, team from MJ Tutors Games created new patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. This time, the patch is called MjPES Patch with 100% Full Brazilian League inside it ! Other European League such as La Liga & EPL have been updated, but you have to wait for full Bundesliga since the Bundesliga hasn't updated yet. But don't worry, they will update for Bundesliga as soon as possible ! btw, you can see all the features below.
Features :

- Brazilian A and B updated (Names, transfers and uniforms)
- More than 680 faces of Brazilian A and B added
- More than 250 faces in Europe added
- 40 Brazilian stadiums (optional)
- 40 European stadiums (optional)
- Cl├ęber Machado Narration
- Bundesliga (Kits, Logos and Transfers)
- Premier League - (Kits, Logos and Transfers)
- Sky Bet Championship
- Liga Santander - (Kits, Logos and Transfers)
- LaLiga 123 (Kits, Logos and Transfers)
- Serie A TIM - (Kits, Logos and transfers)
- League NOS - (Kits, Logos and Transfers)
- Clubs of Europe (Kits and logos)
- Clubs of America (Kits and Logos)
- New boots
- New songs
- New BR and US cheerleaders
- Liberators added
- Brazil's Cup
- DLC 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 included
- Over 350 kits added
- More than 80 players from the Brazilian Championship A and B were created
- More than 400 tattoos added
- Over 50 balls added
- Compatible with the new DLC 3.0
- More than 930 new faces added in total

Changelog 4.07 :

- Updating Castles
- Hundreds of new BR and EU Transfers
- Update of the classic teams (Age, Nationality and Overall)
- Updating of Technicians


- 80 Stadiums is included, but you have to choose betweeen 40 european stadium or 40 brazillian stadiums, because PES 2017 only support Max 41 stadiums slot ( including random stadium ) !

- If you love this patch, make sure you support the original author !


PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR Season 2016/2017


RAR PASSWORD : mjpes2017 or mjpes


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    1. Nevermind mate, but please next time use english in our blog :D

  2. Hello, I tried to install according to instructions, but after many attempts I still have a bad logos of teams and leagues, the game I steam versions 1.03 and after installing the patch dp 2.0, that is all as it should be, so for what I have bad logos? Please help because of the creator of the patch everything in Brazil-I do not know the language, thanks

    1. screenshots are Mega:!9gwTDIRR!rE_is4cBVsj5urlS2QjS6g

  3. in theory, it seems to me that I was doing as a guide, but it can do when installing an error-now renew patch installations except for the seventh time and still patch does not work.

  4. every time i click on install the installation doesn't respond , please what to do ?

    1. Try to run the installer as admin and turn off your av

  5. how to install it?
    what can i install 4.02 and update 4.07 (not install update previous version (update 4.03 until 4.06) )?

    because size update 4.07 only is 178 MB.
    can like it is?

    1. You need to install from 4.02 to latest version.


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