Saturday, February 11, 2017

PES 2017 English Commentary Update v7 by Predator002


PES 2017 English Commentary Update by Predator002

This is english commentary file for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. FYI, In PES 2017, Konami doesn't have license for some team & player. For example, if you try to play Juventus in PES 2017, they will be called "Torino" instead "Juventus".

Luckily, Predator002 from Evo-Web made this amazing commentary mod for PES 2017. So, you won't hear "Torino" again, you're going to hear some populer name like Juventus, Manchester United and many more !

Usage :

- All new additions are integrated into edit mode and available to assign to any player or unlicensed team.

- All new player additions are assigned to their player ID. This means that new additions will automatically assign to the correct player.

- All new team additions are assigned to their team ID. This means if a team is licensed, the call name will automatically be used (providing the team has the correct team ID).


- Players:
- 215 hidden callnames restored, 1330 new callnames created.​

- Teams:
- 71 English Teams, 38 German Teams, 45 Italian Teams, 5 Scottish Teams
- 46 Spanish Teams, 42 French Teams, 18 Dutch Teams, 18 Portuguese Teams
- 17 Polish Teams, 24 Malaysian Teams
- 41 Other Euro Teams, 21 Brazilian Teams, 30 Argentinian Teams
- 8 Other Teams, 68 International Teams.​

How to install:

Download all parts, then extract ENGComUpdate.cpk and ENGComUpdateBase.cpk to your PES 2017 download folder. You will need to update DpFileList.bin where necessary.

Important Note:

- Latest version contains all prior additions.
- Both files are required however if you have downloaded ENGComUpdateBase.cpk previously, you do not need to download it again as it won't change between versions.

List of Call Name v7 :



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  1. Hello predator002, thank you for your great work ... I would like to know if you have any way to make it work with the Portuguese comment (pt-pt).

    1. Predator002 is not here, you can find him on evo-web, just follow the thread i gave.

      Anyway, Predator002 ever said he only do with english commentary, not other languages

  2. Should I downloading v1-v6 before ?

    1. Just download the base file & the update.

  3. hi, thanks for thw work u guys did.. sorry im still new on this, ive downloaded n got a text document.. can i use horizon straight or i need to extract using a specific app.. any suggestion? :-)

  4. Is this work with PTE Patch 5.0?


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