Tuesday, May 2, 2017

PES 2017 PES Hellas Patch 2017 v2.00 + BIG Fix Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 PES Hellas Patch 2017 | 15.7 GB

PES Hellas is back in business, now the just released new patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. You can see all the features from PES Hellas 2017 below.

Features :


-Real emblems for all competitions
-Full greek super league 100%
-Bundesliga 100%
-Premier league 100%
-Sky bet championship 100%
-SERIE A 100%
-Serie b 100%
-La Liga 100%
-La Liga 2 100%
-Liga Zon Sagres 100%
-Argentina and Chile league 100%
-MLS 100%
-Full champions league teams(added missing teams Rostov,Celtic,Ludogorets,etc.)
-More European teams (zenit,apoel,shakhtar,etc.)
-New asian teams(arema cronus,perth glory,T&T HANOI,etc.)

Player & Club

-Real classic players
-Real names of players in all national teams
-Real kits to all national teams
-New stadiums,40 in total(3 of them are greek)
-800+ new faces for players at all leagues
-New Minifaces
-New Scoreboard
-Chants for all greek teams
-Coreografia for a lot of stadiums
-New Gloves, Balls, Graphics, Boots, Menu and much more !
Homepage https://pes-hellas-2.blogspot.com/

Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/GreekPes2012/

Twitter https://twitter.com/pes_hellas

Changelog v2.00 :

- Fixed bug in version 1.00 (as white players, the stadium of Dortmund, etc.)
- Added winter signings
- Added 24 new European teams (all of europa, all the champions league + Mars)
- Added 10 Mexican groups
- Added 15+ new national teams (Cyprus, Gabon, Indonesia, Canada, etc.)
- 8 new classic teams (Chalcedon, Parma, East Germany, National Directory 2004, etc.)
- Added persons 2 existing classical groups
- Added the uniforms of Japanese groups (those not already exist)
- Added costumes for T & T Hanoi
- Added two new stages (Velontrom, Maracana)
- More than 1850+ new faces
- Tatto for several Players
- New graphics (such as fog like fifa 17, diagonal rain, etc.)
- More Choreo
- New menu as it's fifa 17
- New Menu, Graphics, Shoes, Gloves, Balls, Minifaces, Scoreboards
- And Many more !

Changelog BIG FIX - 30 April 2017 :

- All bugs that had herbs land grass as white or not there are lines etc. (Eg Stade France) 
-The bug that had some land and the missing pieces 
-The headquarters of the Inter 


PES 2017 PES Hellas Patch 2017

PES 2017 PES Hellas Patch 2017

PES 2017 PES Hellas Patch 2017

PES 2017 PES Hellas Patch 2017

PES 2017 PES Hellas Patch 2017

PES 2017 PES Hellas Patch 2017

PES 2017 PES Hellas Patch 2017

Note :

- You need to install PES Hellas 2017 v2.00 + Small Fix before installing BiG Fix !



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