PES 2018 Alt English Commentary Team (Champion & Beglin) + Extras v1

PES 2018 Alternative English Commentary by Predator002 (Jim Beglin & Jon Champion)

Miss the duo Jim Beglin & Jon Champion? well, this time you can feel back Jim Beglin & Jon Champion in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Voice of Jon Champion obtained from PES 2015, but already matched ID Callname & his team by Predator002 so it can be used also in PES 2018. It contains the commentary audio from PES 2015 with Jon Champion and Jim Beglin. It was originally designed for PES 2017 and with Sider so that different commentary teams could be used for different tournaments in the same way that FIFA has another commentary team handling International matches. Unfortunately Sider couldnt change commentary audio and this pack sat unused until now.

Usage Notes:

- Complete replacement to original English commentary.
- Contains all original commentary sayings and callnames from PES 2015.
- All callname IDs re-formatted to allow compatibility to PES 2018.
- Callname BIN files related to teams and players used in my callname pack added to this pack so users can swap commentary teams without losing any prior callname assignments.
- Selecting callnames in edit mode may result in no name being heard. This will be normal because PES 2015 didnt contain those callnames that my callname pack will.
- Selecting "Default" in edit mode for a team callname is recommended for a licensed team because PES 2015 holds alot of correct callnames.
- Match intros will be quieter than normal because there are many PES 2018 sayings that didn't exist in PES 2015. The same can be said of many areas of matches but intros is more noticeable.

How to install:

- Extract Preds 2018 Comm JCJB.cpk and Preds 2018 Comm JCJB_Extras.cpk to your PES2018 Download folder.
- Update the DpFileList.bin using DpFileList Generator by Baris.
- Remove any cpk files related to my callname pack whilst you use this commentary team.



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