PES 2017 readySet License Patch 1.0.3 DLC 3.00 Support Update 10.02.2017

PES 2017 readySet License Patch

PES 2017 License Patch by Laim

PES 2017 License Patch is created by laim, of course with this patch your PES 2017 will get some new features.


– All missing uniforms, real names, logos, squads
for national and european club teams, including Bundesliga.
– Some small improvements for better atmosphere
– All licensed teams will remain original
– Compatibility with any PES17 version
– DLC 3.00 is included


Changelog 1.03 :

10.02.2017 : Data Pack 3.00 Support !

29.11.2016 : Minor fix (was corrected some squads).

04.12.2016 : Update  (additional face pack for Bayern and Wolfsburg, actual update for boots and gloves, all current changes and corrections).
Installation :

1. Put “Data” and “Download” folders into the main game folder. (“Data” folder contains all-sufficient patch. “Download” folder contains DLC).

2. If you can’t for some reasons to use Live Update to get current squads, put EDIT00000000 file into the your “save” folder.

..\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save

3.  “Download” folder contains several variants of DpFileList.bin. Choose one you want and put into the main “Download” folder. Don’t forget to put Online variant when you’re gonna use multiplayer. Offline_v2 adds new scheme of colors and lighting for stadiums. Default variant is Offline_v1.

Update to DLC 3.00

Make sure, you have followed the steps above !

1. Take “DLC3 support” archive. If you already have dt80_300E_win.cpk there is no need to download “DLC 3.00” file, but it is necessary if you don’t!

2. Put content from “download” folder into the your “download” folder.
..\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\download

3. “Download” folder contains several variants of DpFileList.bin.

Choose one you want and put into the main “Download” folder.
Don’t forget to put Online variant if you’re use multiplayer.
Default variant is Offline v1.

4. Done !


- Minor Fix added !

- dt80_200E_win.cpk (DCL 2.00) is lightly modified.

- If you already have dt80_100E_win.cpk (DLC 1.00) there is no need to download it.

- ‘Addition’ contains edited DpFileList.bin for Online (perhaps in some cases can be useful).

- Don’t use Online varient of the DpFileList.bin for “Offline version” of the game.



  1. Thank you so much, especially for this Live update.

    1. I'm using your EDIT00000000 file but I have problem when try to transfer player. I wanted to make Bayern in edit mode, but when I exit and go again in edit all players dissapear from team and go back where I transfer them from. Do you have an idea how to solve that?

    2. Did you turn on live update from konami ?

    3. I have CPY cracked version so I can't use online mode

    4. Well, i'm using legit steam version and have no time to try CPY version yet, it's a little bit weird, i will figure out what's going on about it. Btw, you can post your problem to evo-web, many people will help you there or you can wait laim to release an update, who knows...

  2. This is how I imported patch:
    Is it ok? I guess problem is EDIT000... file


    1. have you tried this tool ?

  4. Please help ! Do you know why I can see the intro of the match , bu it won t start, it will kepp loading forever and it won t start. I installed 1.0.3 and DLC 2 .

  5. I check and see Bayern missing some player ex: Coman, Manuel Neuer, Renato Sanches, Arturo Vidal. So who can fix that? I used Online variant

    1. Well, you need to disable autoupdate so those players won't miss


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