PES 2017 PS4 Option File v6 by PES Universe Season 2017/2018

PES 2017 PS4 Option File by PES Universe

PES 2017 PS4 Option File by PES Universe

PES Universe has released their own option file for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. You can expect the quality of their OF since they made one of the best option file for Pro Evolution Soccer game. Plus ! they give it for FREE ! Btw, you can see the features below.

Features :
  • Premier League with kits, managers, stadiums, team details and emblems
  • SKYBET Football League with Kits, managers. team details and emblems
  • La Liga with Kits, Managers, team details and emblems
  • Complete Bundesliga with players, stats, tactics, kits, managers, stadiums and emblems
  • Liga NOS with Kits, team details and emblems
  • LIGA 123 with kits, managers, stadiums, team details and emblems
  • Serie A with Kits, team details and emblems
Installation : 

Option A – 1 Click Import with no stadium images for La Liga 123, Serie B, Ligue 2, Chilean League or S.A national teams and the J-League Kits are omitted to save space also.

Option B – 1 Click import with everthing but no Liga MX or J-League kits. *This option includes La Liga 123 3rd Kits and all stadium images.

1. Download the ALL the files below.
2. Plug in your USB and drag all the files into a folder called WEPES. Do not move any files or rename, just simply drag all files and folders across!
3. On your PS4, go to application settings and delete EDIT DATA under PES 17
4. Boot up game and delete all images in image list by ‘DELETE IMAGES’
5. On a clean Edit Mode, plug in the USB.
5. Select BINS in relation to League to import league by league. eg. Arsenal, Bournemouth etc.
6. DO a league at a time, then save.
NOTE-Some consoles crash when importing FULL 20 bins at a time, if this happens, install half a league at a time. e.g Arsenal – Leicester, save, Man CIty – West Ham. Save.
7. Import all leagues following this pattern.
8.Once all installed check kits, any issues of kits not showing re-import that BIN
9. Enjoy.

Fanpage :

Changelog v6 :

* Added the new seasons kits for most big teams
* Fully updated & overhauled Brazilian League with player & team tweaks, squad numbers & 3rd Kits updated etc
* Updated Summer transfers for main teams and leagues
*Updated Bundesliga
* Classic super selection added
* Image optimization on most images for easier & quicker importing



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