PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch v7.0 AIO FINAL Season 2018/2019

PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch

PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch Season 2018/2019

In Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, players are given greater freedom over ball control and the way players receive and trap the ball has been improved. Also in PES 2013, characters are more recognizable and the game is more balanced than ever before.

Patch Info :

An indonesian patch for your PES 2013 game. PES-ID Ultimate patch is a patch update for the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 game series. One of the advantages of PES-ID Patch is that it contains the Indonesian League (Go-Jek League), so you who want to play the Indonesian League in PES 2013 Can use patch from this PES-ID. Another advantage offered from the PES-ID patch is made stand-alone and does not interfere with other patches already installed on your PC.

Features :

Corrected transfers and kits for 18-19 season
Stand alone patch (will not disturb other patches or getting disturb by other patches)
DLC 6.0 Included
Updated boots
Indonesian League(Note: We haven't do an update for Indonesian League yet, we might inform again soon)
2nd Divisions for european leagues : EFL Championship, La Liga 1|2|3, Serie B, 2. Bundesliga
Friendly menu design
New total of 2100+ faces
New promoted teams and relegated teams(correct league structures)
Installer version(easier for user to install)

Homepage :

What's the differences between v6.0 and v7.0?

The design of the menu, graphics, etc. are the same. We maintain the simple and elegant design of the v6.0 graphics, yet there are lot of others difference.
Transfers - The v7.0 version transfers is final for almost every team.
Squad - v7.0 squad/rosters in every team is fully updated.
Indonesian League - v7.0 presents you the new updated 2018 Indonesian League, what you guys have been waiting for after this long time.
Kits - We updated lot of new kits, sponsors, for european teams and Indonesian teams for the 2018-2019 season.
Turfs - We changed our turfs, some might say the turfs are bad, so from now on we are using TopHardSoft turf pack(we were using ForzaMilan turf pack before).
We understand every of these turf pack got their own - and +, we will make it more realistic ASAP.
Stadiums - Vicente Calderon is replaced by Wanda Metropolitano.
Faces - We added new many faces in v7.0(Guendouzi, Lautaro, Politano, some Indonesian League players, etc.)
Fixed bugs - There were lot of bugs/glitches in v6.0 patches, we fixed almost every bug.

How to Install 

1. Extract with WinRAR

2. Run the installer as admin and set your PES 2013 location.


4. Wait until finish and play !

PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch v6.0 AIO Season 2018/2019

PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch v6.0 AIO Season 2018/2019

PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch v6.0 AIO Season 2018/2019

PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch v6.0 AIO Season 2018/2019

PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch v6.0 AIO Season 2018/2019



  1. Work Great . thanks !! Best Patch 2013 Ever

    1. Anytime my friend, credit goes to original author, make sure you support him ;)

  2. I am facing a problem, when i am running "PES-ID Ultimate Patch Setup.exe " as administrator, it shows a error message . I
    was trying to install PES-ID Ultimate Patch 2013 v4.0. I am using windows 10 and my Net framework is over than 4.0
    Please try to solve the problem, i will be grateful

  3. I can't find Launcher Update correct link, because mediafire link doesn't work! Please, send the correct link by e-mail ?

    Thank you! U have done a great job !

    1. Mediafire removed that link, you have to wait the author of this patch to update his link.

  4. hello do i need to install the all previous patches or just v7.0 patch ...


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