PES 2019 Gameplay Loader 1.2 by Baris

PES 2019 Gameplay Loader by Baris

Current version: 1.2
Minimum version of Sider required: 5.1.0
Other System Requirements: Windows (since I'm using the "dir" command to read folders)


  • Reads all folders in "content/gameplay-loader" and injects randomly one gameplay mod while starting PES 2019 (only per game start, not per match!)
  • You can add as many gameplay mods as you want! Just copy them to the "content/gameplay-loader" folder respecting the folder structure:
  • "content/gameplay-loader/your-gameplay-mod/dt18_x64.cpk"
  • You can find some gameplay mods here: New gameplay with dt18_x64.cpk by incas36


2. Copy folders "content" and "modules" to your PES2019 directory and overwrite the directories. No files of sider will be overwritten.

3. Add the following line to your sider.ini:

lua.module = "GameplayLoader.lua"

4. Save sider.ini and don't forget to run sider.exe as admin before playing PES 2019 !

PASSWORD : www.pesnewupdate.com


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