PES 2019 New Gameplay Patch Update v2 by Gabe.Paul.Logan

PES 2019 New Gameplay Patch by Gabe.Paul.Logan

New gameplay patch for PES 2019 PC. You can feel the diffrence between this gameplay and vanilla version. You can also combine this gameplay mod with modified .exe gameplay by Incas36 or Hels.

*Note : Modified .exe gameplay only works with Steam release.

Features :


- fixed the no player reaction bug during high balls
- three version: default (default pass speed 30), mixed (slower pass speed 27), slow (slow pass speed 24,5)
- altered the player rating after game (not much is possible to fix in the dt file so its just a bit less worse than the original rating system)


- keepers at 2,5 value
- long shots at value 26
- slower pass speed at 24,5 to slow down the game and to have more interceptions
- physicality from "dt18_x64_modded_original_2015_1.cpk"
- first touch system from Hels
- cpu shooting is as much varied as possible
- build up is as much varied as possible (centre, side attacks, low crosses, high crosses are present, slow and fast build up is reasonable from cpu)
- difference between weaker and better teams
- suggested set up: superstar difficulty + default game speed (0)
+ known error is the two battling players not always jump up for the high ball to head it

How to Use :

1. Extract with WinRAR, Go to the location below and backup your original dt18_x64.cpk

C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\data\

2. Rename dt18_x64_GAB.cpk to dt18_x64.cpk

3. Now replace / remove the old dt18_x64.cpk with the new dt18_x64.cpk.

4. Play

Credits : Incas36, Gabe.Paul.Logan


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