eFootball PES 2020 PS4 PESUniverse Option File V4

PESUniverse Option File

eFootball PES 2020 PS4 PESUniverse Option File 2020

New version of PES Universe Option file for eFootball PES 2020 PS4. You can use this option file to make all unlicensed teams on eFootball PES 2020 PS4 to be fully licensed. All credit goes to PES Universe.

Features :

- 1024px / 2048px Kits
- Updated Team Tactics
- Full Competition logos & real names and real kits
- Premier League ( Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Banners, Sponsors, Stadiums )
- EFL Championships ( Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Banners, Sponsors, Stadiums )
- LaLiga Santander ( Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Banners, Sponsors, Stadiums )
- LaLiga SmartBank ( Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Banners, Sponsors, Stadiums )
- Ligue 1 ( Managers, Stadiums )
- Serie A ( Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Banners, Sponsors, Stadiums )
- Serie B BKT ( Logos, Rival Teams )
- Bundesliga ( Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Banners, Sponsors, Stadiums )
- J1 League ( Kits, Logos, Emblems )
- MLS ( Managers, Logos, Stadiums )
- Classic World & Euro Stars

Tutorial :

-Create a folder called WEPES separately
-Enter the leagues you want to import into the folder
-USB / Pendrive (previously formatted in FAT32) and insert the WEPES folder, with the leagues you want to import. (You can import the competitions first, or last, no matter the order of this file)
-Put the USB on PS4 and start PES 2020
-In the game menu, go to EDIT mode
-Choose now the Import / Export option
-You will be asked now to choose USB and the WEPES folder
-You will get 2 options, you do not have to select any in this V1, except with the Bundesliga, you have to apply the box to import players data. (Those whoe are marked in the folders by the -Apply Data)
Wait for it to end and .. You already have your game licensed!

PC Version is here

PASSWORD : www.pesnewupdate.com


  1. When i import the teams the game say that it reaches the maximum of images allowed

    1. Delete all the images in the edit menu. All of them are included in the option file

    2. i already delete all the images but when i import the teams, the game still say cannot import any images. What should i do?

  2. The PC of the option file files are out on the official site

  3. can this work for xbox one too ?

  4. the option file is asking for a password any idea what it is?

  5. When I try to import Bundesliga teams it says "loading failed" For example for one it says "Failed to import Wolfsburg to EHRENHOFSTADT"
    Anyone know why this is happening?
    And also how would I move Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen to the Bundesliga, because they are listed in the "Other European Teams" league

    1. I have the same problem with it... :(

    2. Tried it again, or go to delete image and delete the one you don't need, also go to competition structure and you can change the league size and switch them into Bundesliga

  6. Is the bundesliga in this patch?

    1. when you say beta; is that why the players are not on the right team and schalke, bayern and dortmund are still in other european league?

  7. do i need to delete all the files inside the WEPES folder before install this OF ?

  8. Will you guys add the manager faces for the rest of the clubs in Serie A?

  9. Anyone getting the problem that the file is corrupted, the new file>>?

  10. Can i remove usb from ps4 after i load patch?

  11. hi I deleted the previous fo, but when I install Pes universe fo it gives me error of available space.

    1. Do not use all 2048 kits, only for important league / clubs

  12. Great work, thx!
    When is Bundesliga V2 to be expected?

  13. Hi,

    The password doesn't seem to work to unzip the v2 file?

  14. Hi. Will there be a complete V3 version? The leagues "Brasileirao A + B", Campeonato Chile and Liga Aguilar are missing. greetings

  15. Can you please elaborate on how to install v3?
    THank you`1

  16. Hey Mates,good Work

    one Question: Are the Teams still editable after installing your Patch,or are they (like others) "licensed" and blocked/uneditable after installing this patch. I want to add two more local Teams (Europe) and must be sure,that its possible,otherwise i cannot use this unfortunately..and i dont want to do erase it several times and reinstall ...thx for Response (hopefully)

    Have a nice Day



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