PES 2020 BMPES 2020 V3.0 AIO + Update 3.07 Datapack 8.0

PES 2020 BMPES 2020 Season 2019/2020

BMPES is back in business. Now it's more complete than ever with new updated version for eFootball PES 2020 PC.

If you want faster updates & like the patch Buy IT ! :
Update 3.03

- Compatibility with Datapack 7.00
- Goal narration adjustments
- New São Paulo Away 2020 uniform
- New Ceara Third 2020 Uniform
- New Sport Uniform Recife 2020
- New Faces
- Nilton Santos Stadium Adjustments
- Couto Pereira Stadium Adjustments
- MRV Arena Settings
- Ilha do Retiro Stadium Adjustments
- Maracanã / Special for Brazilian Team
- Correction for Vitória goal that narrated wrong.
- Minor corrections required

Features :

- Full Competition logos & real names
- Premier League 
- EFL Championships
- LaLiga Santander
- LaLiga SmartBank 
- Ligue 1
- Ligue 2
- Serie A 
- Serie B BKT 
- Bundesliga 
- Serie A Brasileirao
- Serie B Brasileirao
- Other European Teams
- Update many player faces
- Includes new stadium server collection pack of Serie A Brasileirao, Europe, and also some Serie B Brasieirao Stadiums and more !
- New graphic menu
- Sider included
- Glossy Logopack Included
- And many more

Installation :

1. Extract with WinRAR

2. Run the installer sequentially from part1 to part16 to your PES 2020 game folder

3. When you finish, run the installer part17 to your save folder

Documents/KONAMI/eFootball PES 2020/Numbers/save

4. Run sider.exe and play PES 2020 !

PES 2020 BMPES 2020 V3.0 AIO Season 2019/2020

PES 2020 BMPES 2020 V3.0 AIO Season 2019/2020

PES 2020 BMPES 2020 V3.0 AIO Season 2019/2020



  1. This pack is awesome! Includes everything you need. I'm so excited about the update, I hope they've fixed the font size, which was too small all across the game, was extremely annoying on the scoreboard, as well as the FIFA 19 ad in PL adboards ('Updated advertising signs for various competitions' hope this means that). Took a bit to find it what is where as the folder names are in portuguese. Plus it doesn't contain european chants, only brazilian and argentinian. Basically I only had to drag and drop Anfield (+had to add the text to the map), and to do the same with chants after converting it to sider compatible with cri file maker, and I've got a full patch. The atmosphere of the brazilian and argentinian stadiums is awesome. They have changed the horrendous default banners (e.g. 'We are here to win') to real ones, and they look stunning. I may start a ML with a brazilian team just because of the atmosphere! I would donate them, but unfortunately the whole site is in portuguese.

  2. BTW many thanks to the creators and for pesnewsupdate for publishing the patch!

  3. The google drive link for the update is broken.

  4. Thanks bro, I would like to ask if this patch is compatible with all online mode inside the game?

  5. Sorry, without pressing, but we will have the latest version available, 1.09 ??

    1. I swear this is the 10th times i got this message.

      Yes, i will update it but no release date. If you want faster updates and like the patch, i suggest you buy the patch directly to BMPES

    2. I wanted to buy the patch, but when I try to register on their forum, it throws an error, and I can't even go back because of a time/ip restriction. I can't send a message through facebook anyways, I've sent a message in english, I wander if they will reply. Anybody has any experience with them?

  6. BMPES is the best PES patch since 2016. Too bad most people outside Brazil do not know it yet.

    1. Actually the worst thing is that even if you know the patch as a european, you love brazilian football, and you are willing to pay for the patch, you actually can't, because don't speak english, and they won't reply for emails written on english. I sent them quiet a few, no reply. :(

  7. Serial for PES 2020 BMPES 2020 V2 + 2.01 is missing, can you update it?

  8. I need premium for uptobox in order to download it, and also can't download from google drive. The only option is sharemods, but the download speed on that site is too slow for a file this size.

    1. You can copy the file to your google drive account. Anyway i added magnet link in the download link.


  9. Any predictions for 3.0? Thanks for the shares :)

    1. Done, i need some time to upload the file. If you like the patch, you can buy it

  10. Any predictions for 3.03 compatible with DLC 7? Thanks for the shares :)

  11. How to change the language back from portuguese, if I want to use their save file too?

    1. Found a way around! Turns out you have to delete SYSTEM00000000 file from your save folder after installing the last exe from the patch install folder.


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