PES 2020 Gameplay Mod V1 RELEASED by PESNewupdate

PES 2020 Gameplay Mod V1 RELEASED by PESNewupdate

PES 2020 Gameplay Mod by PESNewupdate

New gameplay patch for eFootball PES 2020 PC Version.

Changelog :

V1 Final

- Initial Release

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  1. Compatible with PES 2020 Ultimate Patch?

  2. look very tired of the passive actitude from the IA...i want it...

  3. damn the preview looks great yo

  4. With all these game play patches I would like to see the A.I make some errors, missed passes, etc especially in weather conditions otherwise this particular mod looks fine.

  5. Wow! I watched the video with Patch 1.06 + Datapack 6.0, and it looks like the best gameplay patch ever, if it's released.
    The CPU team's pass play is fantastic, and they're pretty aggressive when they attack.
    But if there's one thing that I hope to be changed is the "defense".
    They are also "aggressive" when defending, and that's good,
    but too aggressive. I think they tackle too often.
    And it's pretty dangerous tackle, so probably they'll get cards and be easily sent off.
    I think only this part should be fixed a bit, and then everything will be fine and it will bring the ultimate real football experience!
    Hope it will be released soon, and many thanks and credit to the patcher!

    1. The purpose of my gameplay is make cpu much aggresive mate, PES 2020 lacks of foul was one of big problem, not to mention the lazy AI that don't want to dribble or too accurate when passing the ball.

      I think you should try Gameplay by GAB or Holland, they're much better than mine

    2. "I think you should try Gameplay by GAB or Holland" : agree with that !

  6. the graphics look smooth, did you use pitch or something?

  7. itried right now,the same bug every time,the players sometimes dessapear and apear in the midle of the field,like a good the IA press but too many bugs my friend...

    1. Weird, i tested it many times but didn't have that. I'll fix it later.

  8. I played with the patch applied, and I found one thing to be fixed.
    When I pass by "through balls", the bar is too quickly filled, so I can't judge how much power I should apply.
    Hope it will be fixed!
    And the rest of the gameplay seems to be fine.

  9. I found another one.
    Also this time, the "through ball".
    In a perfect 1-2 pass chance, the player who passes the through ball
    gives to the far away player, not the player who gave the ball right before and right in front of him.

  10. Very good gameplay, but with one objection to make: the gameplay jerks very hard once.


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