Thursday, August 10, 2017

PES 2013 1000 Stadiums Collection

300 Stadiums Collection for PES 2013 | 29.33 GB

This is a big collection of Stadiums for PES 2013. You're gonna find many stadiums inside this link. The Stadium comes from all over the world !. In order to install the stadium, make sure you have latest Gameplay tool by Jenkey, you can download the tool over here.


Gameplay Tool by Jenkey1002



  1. Hi! First i wanna thank you for the great patch.
    Second: Please i need your help! What happen with the adboards? T_T The stadiums its all ok but the adboards doesn't change... Please i hope you understand me. Cheers!!

    1. i'm sorry i can't help you with adboards, maybe you should change it manually. You can get many adboards for PES in, it's great place to get PES Mods

  2. Thanks for your very quickly answer. I use the gameplay tool (by jenkey) with the minosta patch but the adboards "pes 2017" still shows in every stadium like the video in this post. I mean, it doesn't any sense add thousands of stadiums if the adboards show wrong. (sorry for the bad english!)

    Wathever, thanks a lot for the patchs.
    Best regards


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