PES 2018 PES Tuning Patch 2018 v1. AIO Season 2017/2018

PES 2017 PES Tuning Patch 2017

PES 2018 PES Tuning Patch 2018 Season 2017/2018

The first release of PES Tuning Patch 2018.  It also includes the latest Data Pack from KONAMI. For more information you can read the info below.

Data Pack for STEAM version:
* Includes lastest PES2018 Patch 1.05.01.
* Includes lastest PES2018 Data Pack 4.01.

Data Pack for CPY version:
* Includes lastest PES2018 Patch 1.05.01.
* Includes lastest PES2018 Data Pack 4.01.

* myClub compatible.
* Offline Mode: Play offline with all PTP features.
* Online Mode: Play online and myClub with licensed teams and managers.

* Premier League, Ligue 1 Conforama, Serie A TIM, Eredivisie, LaLiga Santander, Liga NOS, Bundesliga, Campeonato Brasileiro and Superligq Argentina => Full licensed league with correct Teams Names, Logos, Emblem, Formations / League Logos / Squads / Managers / Players / Kits, Font.
* SkyBET Championship, Domino’s Ligue 2, Serie B ConTe.it, LaLiga 1|2|3, Campeonato Scotiabank => Update with correct Teams Names, Logos, Emblem, Formations / League Logos.
* League structures: Updated with promoted teams and alphabetically in their respective leagues.

* 2017-2018 Winter transfers: Imported from the latest KONAMI live update .

New Features:
* Badge: Added new badge for some leagues. (Premier League, SkyBET Championship, Serie A TIM, Serie B ConTe.it, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1|2|3, Liga NOS, Bundesliga).
* Ball: Added 1 new ball (Adidas Telstar World Cup Russia Competition).
* Boot: Added 100 new boots.(Boot Pack v4 by Tisera09).
* Chant: Added new chants & national anthems. (Chantpack v4 & National Anthems v2 by predator002).
* Controllor: Added new PS3 controller.
* Extra cpk: Added a easy solution to add your own extra mod (.cpk files).
* Face: Added 565 new faces.
* Fingertape: Added 2 new fingertape.
* Font: Added 7 new fonts.
* Graphic: Camp Nou & Wanda Metropolitano mod and ads.
* Glove: Added 100 new gloves. (Glovepack V2 by Tisera09).
* Live Update: Latest live update (10/05/2018) fully implemented.
* Minifaces: Added 1787 new formation pictures.
* National Kit: Added new national kits. (All NT Kits Pack by Hawke).
* Pitch: New Pitch And Turf.
* Referee Kit: Added 6 new referee kits. (Bundesliga, Generics + UCL, LaLiga Santander, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A TIM).
* Relink boot: Relink boots of players for some teams.
* Scoreboard: Added 8 new scoreboards. (Bein Sports, Bundesliga, Copa del Rey, LaLiga 1 2 3, LaLiga Santander, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A TIM).
* Stadium: Added 1 new stadium. (Old Trafford v0.5 by CYPES) and fix Black Stadiums (Estadio Nacional de Chile and exterior and Emirate stadium day fine to day rainy).
* Tattoo: Added 205 new tattoos.
* Team: Added the 4 missing CL teams (Apoel Nikosia, Celtic FC, NK Maribor and Qarabag Agdam).
* Trophie: Trophies Mod by Txak.
* Wet Kit: Added wet kits for all leagues & all teams.

General Features:
* Adboard: Added new adboards.
* Badge: Added new badges.
* Ball: Added new balls.
* Boot: Added new boots.
* Chant: Update some teams chants.
* Controllor: Added new controller.
* Corner Flag: Added new corner flag.
* Crowd: No Crowd Offline & Online mode.
* Face: Added and updated new players faces.
* Fingertape: Added new fingertape.
* Font: Added new fonts.
* Glove: Added new gloves.
* Live Update: Latest live update fully implemented.
* Miniface: Added new formation pictures.
* Pitch: Added new Pitch And Turf.
* Rivals: Update rivals some teams.
* Referee Kit: Added new referee kits.
* Replay Logo: Added new replay logo.
* Scoreboard: Added new scoreboards.
* Stadium: Added new one and fix Black Stadiums.
* Tattoo: Added new tattoos.
* Team: Added missing CL teams.
* Trophie: Added new trophies.

How to install:

1. Go to your “Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018\save” folder and delete all files except:
=> “SYSTEM00000000”.
=> “Your Pes Backups” if you have.
2. Go to your Pes2018 installation path and delete all files and folders except:
=> “Data” folder.
=> “Settings_b.dll”.
=> “Settings.exe”.
3. Run “Primary Setup – PTP 2018 v1. AIO.exe” and install it.
4. Run “Secondary Setup – PTP 2018 v1. AIO.exe” and install it.
5. When “PTP version switches v1. AIO.exe” appears choose “YOUR VERSION” and finish the installation.
6. Run “PTP 2018 Konami DLC v12.exe”and install it.
7. Run"PTP 2018 Konami DLC v34.exe”and install it.
10. Run “PTP 2018 Konami DLC v4.1.exe” and install it.
11. Run “PTP 2018 Chantpack v2.exe” and install it.
12. Run “PES Tuning Patch 2018.exe” from your desktop.
13. You must choose the mode from “Switches” tab before any modification in selector.
14. Choose your settings.
15. Enjoy.


– NOT necessary to have any previous PTP installed in your PC.


PES 2018 PES Tuning Patch 2018

PES 2018 PES Tuning Patch 2018

PES 2018 PES Tuning Patch 2018

PES 2018 PES Tuning Patch 2018

PASSWORD : www.pesnewupdate.com

PES 2018 SMoKe Patch X20 World Cup 2018 Edition Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 SMoKe Patch X World Cup 2018 Edition Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 SMoKe Patch X World Cup 2018 Edition Season 2017/2018

Smoke Patch X release for PES 2018, this version was planned to be released by the end of the month with a lot of new teams, but we rescheduled the release due to konami DLC update recently, we will continue to add more teams to include in future versions, please read the patch information before downloading or installing smoke patch.

Main Changes (from previous version):

- added new national teams
- includes latest konami DP
- updated a lot of kits
- updated ball models
- updated gloves models
- updated boots models
- updated face models and tattoos
- full compatibility
- updated squads (prevision)
- added a lot of youth players
- added smoke scoreboard (change with scoreboard switcher add-on)
- a lot of fixes and enhancements

Smoke patch X20 Features:

Includes latest konami DP:
Konami previously released data packs are all included in X20, latest one is DP4.01, all new features are integrated. some features are not added because the patch already have them,

Added More teams:
Smoke patch constantly add teams to the game, this version added more national teams to choose from, all the national teams can be used in be a legend or master league modes, all the clubs can be used in all modes as well,

Teams added this version are:
(Moldova, Cape Verde, San Marino, Faroe Islands, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Kenya, Haiti, Congo, Libya, Sudan, Kosovo, Andorra, Myanmar, Gibraltar, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Tajikistan)

See the full team list HERE.

Team squads and transfers:
All teams get reviewed at some point, leagues transfer windows are different depending on the continent, so a constant review is required.
world cup national teams are set provisionally, after the official call ups for all the teams is announced we will make a small update to finish up.

Teams correct attributes:
All the teams in the game have their real flag, stadium name, team colors, manager and other team attributes, we change and correct any missing details as we go.

Most teams are licensed, but we kept two teams for user edit, (we united and pes united) are fully editable and can be exported and imported when a new version is released

We removed almost all the fake players (except in the two unlicensed teams), replaced them with real players from different teams,

Players stats are from latest konami live update, players added from the patch have correct stats as well.

We added a lot of real faces to the game, not as much as in previous game due to the lack of real faces (we do not create the real faces)

A lot of players added to the patch, specially youth teams, the players database is getting bigger everyday and we include more players in each version.

Real teams kits:
We made real kits for all the teams, updated as much as possible, the world cup teams kits are up to date for the world cup, if we missed any then we will include in updates.
some kits are not precise due to lack of information.

Stadium effects:
A lot of stadium effects are added to the game, specially fans chants, all sound effects files are located in the container (smkdb_sfx.cpk), if for any reason you want to remove the sound effects then just copy one of the extra cpk files to the same name mentioned and replace.

Real Leagues:
Smoke patch replaces the three fake leagues with real leagues, currently added (bundesliga, liga aguila and CSL), new leagues have correct attribution and works just like the leagues already in the game.

we are still planning to add league switcher to add more optional leagues, but this is delayed to ensure the game stability,

Balls, boots and gloves:
a lot of real balls, boots and gloves are added to the game, we do not update them all the time because that would be a waste of time, however this version have update ball models for the new season, boots and gloves also got updated to include the latest models.

this version have new graphics, a special scoreboard is added along with the new backgrounds, you can remove to change the scoreboard by using the smoke scoreboard switcher from smoke patch add-on menu.

- Extract patch files
download all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders.

- Run SetupsmokeX20.exe
run the installer and choose PES 2018 installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and that the installer finished successfully.

Homepage : http://www.pessmokepatch.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pessmokepatch

Changelog : http://www.pessmokepatch.com/p/change-log.html


- updating the game EXE is not the patch responsibility.
- no previous versions required, only the game and this version.
- do not use old edit00000 files (using older or other edit files will cause bugs)
- this patch is made to focus on offline modes, online feature will not find opponents due the difference between the patch system files and the original game.


PES 2018 SMoKe Patch X 2018

PES 2018 SMoKe Patch X 2018

PES 2018 SMoKe Patch X 2018

PES 2018 SMoKe Patch X 2018


PASSWORD : www.pesnewupdate.com


PES 2018 Smoke Patch 2018 X20 Scoreboard Switcher

PES 2018 Smoke Patch X

PES 2018 Smoke Patch 2018 X Scoreboard Switcher

This is a small addon for PES 2018 Smoke Patch 2018 World Cup Edition. It also works with all version of Smoke Patch X. You can download PES 2018 Smoke Patch 2018 X latest version from here.


This add-on is made for smoke patch X20, but it should be compatible with all X versions for pes 2018, will not work for pes 2017 (scoreboards for pes 2017 is in progress.


this version of the scoreboard switcher have 8 options:

- Default konami
This will remove all customized scoreboards from the patch, revert it to game default just like previous versions of the patch

- Bein Sports (X20 default)
This is a special scoreboard and replay logo made specially for X20, it is the default scoreboard in the latest patch.

- Bein Sports (world cup)
Approximate scoreboard for the world cup, it still have some rough edges but it works fine.

- Bein Sports (EPL)
England premiere league scoreboard and replay logo, with correct colors and styles, edited for best performance.

- Bein Sports (LaLiga)
Spanish La Liga Santander scoreboard, including replay logo

- Canal + (Ligue1)
This is an exact scoreboard for the french ligue 1

- Sky Calcio (Serie A)
Serie A of Italy scoreboard as shown on sky calcio TV.

- Sky Sports (Bundesliga)
The scoreboard of the German Bundesliga as presented on sky sports TV

- ESPN (Euro 2016)
this is the scoreboard of the latest FIFA EURO competition as shown on ESPN TV back in 2016


- download and extract (P2018 Scoreboard switcher)
- run the switcher, choose option and continue


PASSWORD : www.pesnewupdate.com

PES 2018 XBOX 360 Mistura Patch 2018 DLC 4.01 Season 2017/2018

PES 2018

PES 2018 XBOX 360 Mistura Patch 2018 Season 2017/2018

“Where Legends Are Made” Featuring its biggest advances in over a decade, KONAMI looks to cement PES 2018's reputation as the definitive football title. PES 2018 features more new additions than any other PES title in the last 10 years, and no part of the game has been left untouched. At its heart remains the famed gameplay where users enjoy complete control over the on-field action, using players that behave, move and react just like their real-life counterparts. New additions to the control systems add more fluidity to the game, while a new user interface makes accessing the many facets of PES 2018 a simpler process

Info :

PES 2018 XBOX Mistura Patch is new patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 XBOX 360. The patch also Include Datapack 4.01 !

Features :

- Compatible with Datapack 4.01
- Corrected names for all competition & clubs.
- Winter Transfers 2017/2018
- Added new tattoos
- New Stadium Pack
- Premier League Season 2017/2018
- SkyBet Championship Season 2017/2018
- Serie A Season 2017/2018
- Serie B Season 2017/2018
- Ligue 1 Season 2017/2018
- Ligue 2 Season 2017/2018
- Liga NOS Season 2017/2018
- Bundesliga Season 2017/2018
- Serie A Brasilerao Season 2017/2018
- Superliga Argentina Season 2017/2018
- Chilean Primera DivisiĆ³n Season 2017/2018
- Added National Team kits
- Added new faces, boots, graphic menu.
- And many more !


PASSWORD : www.pesnewupdate.com

PES 2017 Unofficial PTE 2017 Update 6.5.2 by tauvic99 Season 2017/2018

PES 2017 Unofficial Update PTE Patch 2017 by tauvic99

This is the new update for PTE Patch 2017. It's made from PTE Patch 2018 Database. Please remember you need PTE Patch 2017 6.0 + Update 6.1 to be installed before using this update !

Features :

- Database based on PTE 4.1 PES 2018
- New Logos, Minifaces, coach photos imported from Pes 2018 and PTE 4.1 2018
- 2017-2018 Winter transfers
- Added Liga MX, J1 League and MLS

Information :

- This patch is created and developed from PTE 2017 6.0 and 6.1
- It is AIO (All in One) version (included PTE 6, 6.1 and 6.4.1 unofficial)
- It is not necessary have the previous versions of the PTE Patch installed
- Player ID, Team ID and other IDs follow IDs from PTE 4.1 and PES 2018
- All faces, kits and more from PTE 6.0 & 61 have been fixed with new id
- Do not use database mods created specifically for PTE 6.1 because it is not compatible
- New ML and BAL modes are required after installing patch
- If you find some error, please report

Installation :

1. Remove old Option File "EDIT00000000" from folder "\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save"
2. Start the "Setup" 6.5.0 AIO file.
3. Now, select your PES 2017 installation folder
4. Now you have selected your PES 2017 installation folder, click in "Next".
5. Wait some minutes.
6. Update to new version 6.5.2 and wait until finish.
7. The PTE Patch Update is installed.
8. Play

Homepage : https://tauvic99.blogspot.co.id/

Changelog 6.5.2 :

- Based on PTE 4.3 & PES 2018 Datapack 4.0
- Update faces and minifaces
- Add classic mode

Changelog 6.5.1 :

 Database based on PTE 4.2 & PES 2018
- Update J1 League Season 2018
- Change classic team player with real id

FIX & Update For PTE 6.5 AIO Unofficial (29.03.2018)

- Update Atletico Madrid emblem
- Update some transfer
- Fix unicolor ptepatch_kit
- Fix ML with/without classic player
- Fix badge Real Madrid
- Show hidden fake feams (free to edit)


PES 2017 Unofficial Update PTE 6.4.1 PES 2017 (Februari 2018) by tauvic99

PES 2017 Unofficial Update PTE 6.4.1 PES 2017 (Februari 2018) by tauvic99

PES 2017 Unofficial Update PTE 6.4.1 PES 2017 (Februari 2018) by tauvic99


PES 2017 Unofficial PTE 2017 Update 6.5.2 by tauvic99 Season 2017/2018

PASSWORD : tauvic99.blogspot.com


PES 2018 PS4 Option File DLC 4.0 by PESBras Season 2017/2018


PES 2018 PS4 Option File by PESBras Season 2017/2018

PESBras is back with the new option file for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Option File by PESBras also compatible with Datapack 4.0.

Features of PES 2018 PS4 Option File by PESBras Season 2017/2018 :

- Winter Transfers 2017/2018
- Compatible with Datapack 4.0
- Full Licensed Premier League
- Full Licensed SkyBet Championship
- Full Licensed La Liga Santander
- Full Licensed La Liga 1|2|3
- Full Licensed Ligue 1
- Full Licensed Ligue 2
- Full Licensed Serie A
- Full Licensed Serie B
- Full Licensed Bundesliga
- Full Licensed Chile Scotiabank
- Full Licensed Superliga Argentina
- Full Licensed Serie A Brasilerao
- Full Licensed Liga Aguila
- Added Chinese Super League
- Added Other European Teams
- Added Other Asian Teams
- Added new kits for American, European, African & Asian National Teams
- Added Classic Teams

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PesBrasOficial/


PASSWORD : www.pesnewupdate.com

PES 2018 XBOX 360 Title Update 7 + Datapack 4.01

PES 2018 XBOX 360

PES 2018 XBOX 360 Official Update Patch & Data Pack

This is the official DataPack & Title Update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 XBOX 360 version. In this Data Pack, KONAMI brings many more faces, boots, and more !

Datapack 4.0 Content :

Updated models of the National Team kits

Updated adidas models of the Japanese, German, Spanish, and Columbian National Team away kits, NIKE models of the Brazilian, French, British National Team kits, and PUMA models of the Italian, Slovakian National Team kits.


Northern Ireland



Updated Uniforms
Club kits of 9 teams, along with the National Teams listed abovePES 2018 Update 1.06 Data Pack 4
Added New boots
Latest NIKE model boots
Updated Player Faces
More realistic faces of over 90 players
Player portraits photos
Lots of new player portraits that are seen when setting formations and checking player stats during matches will be added.

Other Version :

For PES 2018 PS3 download here
For PES 2018 PC STEAM download here


PES 2018 XBOX 360 Datapack 4.0

PES 2018 XBOX 360 Datapack 4.0


PES 2018 Official Update Datapack 3.0

PES 2018 Official Update Datapack 3.0

PES 2018 Official Update Datapack 3.0

PES 2018 Official Update Datapack 3.0

PES 2018 Official Update Datapack 3.0

PES 2018 Official Update Datapack 3.0


PES 2018 Official Update Patch & Data Pack 2

PES 2018 Official Update Patch & Data Pack 2

PES 2018 Official Update Patch & Data Pack 2

PASSWORD : www.pesnewupdate.com