PES 2017 PESLover 42 Stadium Pack v2.2 AIO + Fix

Stadium Pack

PES 2017 PESLover 42 Stadium Pack | 1.6 GB

The new 42 Stadium Pack by PESLover ( includes random & homeground stadium ). The stadium was made by various stadium maker and it gets improved alot to make a beautiful and better look. The stadium pack also compatible with all patches. 

Features :

40 Stadiums ( 42 Stadium in total ! )
Improved All pitch like PS4
Small line, Turf HD & improved effect lighting stadiums
Natural Color, Light and Effect
Support Low, Medium & High mode
Animasi & Led adboard
LAG Remover
Compatible with all patches
Fix all bug previous version

Stadium Name & ID :
[ID] 00 - Home Field
[ID] 00 - Random
[ID] 01 - Guiseppe Meazza
[ID] 02 - Camp Nou
[ID] 03 - Estadio Vicente Calderón
[ID] 04 - Anfield
[ID] 05 - Wembley Stadium
[ID] 06 - Olimpico
[ID] 07 - Old Trafford
[ID] 08 - Estadio da Luz
[ID] 09 - Stamford Bridge
[ID] 10 - Stade Vélodrome
[ID] 11 - Allianz Arena
[ID] 12 - Stade de France
[ID] 13 - Metropole Arena
[ID] 14 - Estadio do Morumbi
[ID] 15 - Etihad Stadium
[ID] 16 - Estadio Urbano Caldeira
[ID] 17 - Emirates Stadium
[ID] 18 - Elland Road Stadium
[ID] 19 - Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
[ID] 20 - Olimpiastadium - Berlin
[ID] 22 - Juventus Stadium
[ID] 23 - Saitama Stadium 2002
[ID] 24 - Maracanã
[ID] 27 - El Monumental
[ID] 28 - La Bombonera
[ID] 29 - Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan
[ID] 30 - San Siro
[ID] 33 - Olympic stadium of athens
[ID] 34 - Mineirão
[ID] 35 - Parc des Princes
[ID] 36 - Estádio Beira-Rio
[ID] 40 - Amsterdam Arena
[ID] 42 - Rose Park Stadium
[ID] 43 - Estadio do Dragao
[ID] 44 - White Hart Lane
[ID] 45 - Millenium Stadium
[ID] 46 - Borussia Park Stadium
[ID] 49 - St. Jakob-Park
[ID] 50 - St. Naradowy [National Stadium - Warsaw]
[ID] 51 - Signal Iduna Park 

Changelog Fix

Fix EMIRATES + Add Led Adboard Bernabeu stadium


PES 2017 PESLover 42 Stadium Pack

PES 2017 PESLover 42 Stadium Pack

PES 2017 PESLover 42 Stadium Pack


PES 6 Ballpack v1.0 by David Bece

PES 6 Ballpack

PES 6 Ballpack by David Bece | 25 MB

Here's a very good quality of BallPack by David Bece from PES 6 World Soccer Edition Upgradeable Patch. All these balls only work with Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Game. You can see all the list of balls from the image below.



PES 2017 South American Stadium Pack

PES 2017 South American Stadium Pack | 1.4 GB

A set Collection of  South American Stadium. You can see all stadium below here.
  1. Estadio Beira-Rio
  2. Arena do Gremio
  3. Arena Conda
  4. Estadio Orlando Scarpelli
  5. Allianz Parque
  6. Estadio do Maracana
  7. Estadio Mineirao
  8. Arena Independencia
  9. Nacional Mane Garrincha
  10. Arena Pantanal
  11. Arena Fonte Nove
  12. Arena Pernambuco
  13. Estadio do Arruda
  14. Arena das Dunas
  15. Arena Castelao
  16. Mangueirao
  17. Arena da Amazonia
  18. Arena Metropolitana
  19. Estadio Municipal
  20. El Monumental
  21. Estadio Libertadores
  22. Cilindro de Avellaneda
  23. Nuevo Gasometro
  24. Estadio Gigante de Arroyito
  25. La Bombanera
  26. Estadio Gran Parque Central
  27. Estadio Campeop del Siglo
  28. Estadio George Capwell
  29. Estadio Casablanca
  30. Monumental Banco Pichincha
  31. Estadio Defensores del Chaco
  32. Estadio Nacional del Chile
  33. Estadio Ramon Aguilera
  34. Estadio el Campim
  35. Estadio Nacional do Peru
  36. Arena Corinthians
  37. Estadio Sao Januario

PES 2017 South American Stadium Pack

PES 2017 South American Stadium Pack



PES 2017 Live Update to Database Merger v1.1.1 by Zlac

PES 2017 Live Update to Database Manager by Zlac

PES 2017 Live Update to Database Manager by Zlac | 13 MB

Master Zlac from evo-web created new tool, it's called PES 2017 Live Update to Database Merger. Here's full description from him, make sure you read all the info below :) 

What does this tool do ?

PES 2017 Live Update to Database Manager is a simple tool to extract below mentioned (supported) files from the data pack (e.g. dt80_100E_win.cpk), then it extracts corresponding files from Live update file (LIVE00000000 for PC, data.bin for PS3) and finally it updates those files extracted from Data pack with changes from Live update (new players, transfers, lineups, basic appearances, boots assignments, new coaches and coach assignments).

What kind of updating logic does it use?

Basic add/replace by ID. Explained on Player.bin, it uses the same principle for other supported files too:

a) If player with certain ID exists in Live update, but it does not exist in Data pack, then player with this ID is added from Live update to Player.bin from Data pack

b) If player with certain ID exists both in Live update and in Data pack, then the newer version from Live update is used to overwrite old version of this player in Player.bin from Data pack

Supported files:

- Player.bin
- PlayerAssignment.bin
- PlayerDeleteList.bin
- Tactics.bin
- TacticsFormation.bin
- PlayerAppearance.bin
- BootsList.bin
- Coach.bin
- CoachDeleteList.bin
- Team.bin (used only to change coach assignments)

[NEW - PES 2017] Changes in core functionality 

It seems that for PES 2017 Konami won't be using Data Packs to perform major updates to all the relevant database files (players, formations, transfers, coaches, etc.) as they used to do before. Instead, game now uses a combination of initial (and very outdated) core database files, some minor refreshments via data pack files (such as boot assignments and player appearances) and major updates of just about everything via Live update files only.

For example, when it comes to Live updates related stuff, newly released Data Pack 1 (dt80_100E_win.cpk) contains only updated PlayerAppearance.bin and BootList.bin files. When doing its own internal updating, game takes all the other required files (see "Supported files" above) directly from core Data folder and then they become overridden by the appropriate Live Update contents.

Therefore, to be able to work with PES 2017 Live updates, this tool needs the location of your main Data folder too. Make sure that you have dt10.cpk, dt33.cpk and dt36.cpk available in that folder.

[IMPORTANT] When would I want to use this tool?

If you need to create updated database files with players which were released via Live updates, which are normally not available in-game in offline modes without applying Live Update to EDIT00000000.

It is NOT recommended to apply this tool to any existing community patches, because it is going to mess-up everything - this type of merging is only safe when it is applied to CLEAN, unedited database and datapack files and without any existing and heavily edited EDIT00000000.
So basically, you'd want to use this tool if you're starting from scratch creating a new patch and you simply wish to have as many Live Update players, coaches and formations as possible, directly in database files.

This tool cannot edit EDIT00000000. There won't be EDIT00000000 version. Ever.

[IMPORTANT] Relationship between Data pack and Live updates

It is not safe to apply every LIVE00000000 to every Data pack - Konami makes Live updates with particular Data pack as the baseline. Therefore it is only safe to apply Live updates which meet following criteria:

1. [NEW] Merging with core Database only - supported only for Live updates released before Data Pack 1!

You must use one of the LIVE00000000 files which were released before October 27th 2016. In this case, you also must select dt10_win.cpk from your main Data folder in "Data Pack" field! Additionally, dt33_win.cpk and dt36_win.cpk must be available in Data folder.

2. Merging with Data pack 1 (dt80_100E_win.cpk, released on October 27th 2016)

You must use one of the LIVE00000000 files which were released between October 27th 2016 and November 23rd 2016.

3. Merging with Data pack 2 (dt80_200E_win.cpk, released on November 24th 2016)

You must use one of the LIVE00000000 files which were released between December 1st 2016 and February 8th 2017. Do not use the initial DP2 Live Update released on November 24th 2016 - that Live Update is completely blank (0-byte files) and cannot be merged with DP2 contents.

4. Merging with Data pack 3 (dt80_300E_win.cpk, released on February 9th 2017)

You must use one of the LIVE00000000 files which were released between February 9th 2017 and yet unknown release date of Data Pack 4.

5. When Data pack 4 is eventually released, you'll have to use LIVE00000000 files released after DP4 release date, etc.

Trying to apply Dp1 compatible Live update to Dp2, or Dp2 compatible Live update to Dp1, etc. could mess-up the database, so the tool does not allow such combinations.

Stuff you may not like in merged .bin files ...

1. Starting line-ups
Well, it is what it is - starting line-ups taken from Live updates tend to be Belle de Jeur kind of lineups - the ones which were accurate during the week when Live update was released. The usual starters may be benched due to injuries, long-time suspensions, etc. Be sure to review the starting lineups and do the necessary corrections at some point.

2. Deleted players
You may end up with more players being deleted from career modes than usual. This can be easily fixed by manually editing merged PlayerDeleteList.bin and removing IDs of the players you want to be available as free agents.

3. Deleted coaches
You may also end up with some currently unemployed coaches not being available in edit mode. Just like deleted players, coaches deleted by Konami can easily be undeleted by manually editing merged CoachDeleteList.bin and removing IDs of the coaches you want to be available in edit mode.

Homepage :

Changelog 1.1.1
  • fix (hopefully, permanent) for retrieval of compatibility data via Dropbox
Credits : See here

How to Use:

1. Select your base Data folder (game_install_dir\Data), Data pack (.cpk file) and Live update (LIVE00000000 file)

You'll usually find your latest Live update in C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save folder (ProgramData is hidden folder, instruct your File Explorer to show hidden folders) this tool does not modify neither .cpk files in your Data folder nor the .cpk file of your Data pack nor LIVE00000000 - it only extracts the necessary .bin files from those .cpk's

PS3 users - you must select appropriate data.bin file as Live update
XBOX 360 users - use the tool in PS3 mode, but also make copies of the dt10_x360.cpk, dt33_x360.cpk and dt36_x360.cpk in your main Data folder and rename them to ps3 nomenclature: dt10_ps3.cpk, dt33_ps3.cpk and dt36_ps3.cpk

2. Click on 'Check compatibility' button - keep getting errors and red crosses? Read the [IMPORTANT] Relationship between Data pack and Live updates section again.

3. Click on 'Extract' button

4. Click on 'Merge' button

5. That's it - now follow on-screen instructions to find merged .bin files

As usual, there are no warranties that something won't go terribly wrong - be smart and do your backups before you use this tool.

This tool requires .Net Framework 4 & Visual C++ Runtime 2010


PES 2013 Starting Year Tool 2.1 by Xeor

PES 2013 Starting Year Tool by Xeor

This tool is setting the first year of the season, the tool only works with Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 game. It also works with latest version of PES 2013.

Features :

- Football Life (Master League & Become a Legend)
- UEFA Champions League Competition
- Copa Libertadores year
- Fifa World Cup year
- etc.

What's new v2.1 :
- you can choose between 1950-2050
- notification, if not compatible with your version

- Need at least .NET Framework 3.5 
- Open right click "Run as Administrator" on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1

Tested with:
- Original PES 2013
- PES 2013 RLD
- PES 2013 RLD + PesEdit 6.0

Remember:  NOT compatible with your previous saved games!


PES 2013 Starting Year Tool


PES 2017 High Quality Sleeves/Badges Season 16/17 v1.0 by Cronos

High Quality Sleeves/Badges

PES 2017 High Quality Sleeves/Badges by Cronos

A High Quality Sleeves Badges/Patches for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. Thanks to Cronos for making this mod.

Features :

Competitions licensed:

- All leagues licensed except Liga Argentina, PEU, PLA and PAS.
- All national cups licensed except Copa do Brasil, Copa Argentina, PEU Cup, PLA Cup and PAS Cup.
- All national supercups licensed except Supercopa Argentina, PEU Supercup, PLA Supercup and PAS Supercup.

New High Quality Badges/Patches for:

- UEFA Champions League:
- Winner Badge.
- Champions League Badge.
- Badge of Honor (4,5,7 and 11) for Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, AC Milan and Real Madrid CF.
- Respect Badge.
- UEFA Europa League:
- Winner Badge.
- Europa League Badge.
- Badge of Honor (5) for Sevilla FC, only shows on Champions League.
- Respect Badge.
- UEFA Super Cup.
- AFC Champions League.
- Premier League:
- Normal Badge.
- Winner Badge.
- Sky Bet Championship.
- Eredivisie:
- Normal Badge.
- Winner Badge.
- Ligue 1:
- Normal Badge.
- Winner Badge.
- Domino's Ligue 2.
- Serie A TIM.
- Serie B
- LaLiga Santander.
- LaLiga 1|2|3.
- Liga NOS.
- Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank (Chile).

Installation :

1. Copy the file CPK to the folder Download.
2. Use DpFileList Generator v1.8 for add the CPK on the DpFileList.bin.
3. Open you game, save the EDIT.
4. Now decrypt your Edit.bin and open with Hex Editor, you have to changue some byte for see the badges on the game, remember you have to do on all competitions licensed.

5. Once edited and saved, encrypt the EDIT decrypted, rename it to original name and put it in his corresponding folder, enjoy!!


PES 2017 G-Logos Club Logo Pack v1.8 AIO by G-Style

PES 2017 G-Style Logo Pack | 642 MB

This is the new G-Style Logos for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. It also compatible with *All Patches especially Smoke Patch 2017.

Features :

- All logos are designed in ultra hd version 1024×1024.
- Cool & Solid Logos

Fanpage :

Note :

*For the other patches is possible that change the competition or the team ID number, then use the folder link separate to make the pack compatible with your patches.



PES 2017 PESArabia 2017 v1.0 + Update 1.2 Season 2016/2017


PES 2017 PESArabia 2017 Season 2016/2017

A very first release of PESArabia 2017 Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. The patch brings some new features inside it. So, if you come from arabic country, this patch might for you !

Features :

- Compatible with DP 3.0 + Update 1.04.
- Works with Steam or Non-Steam release.
- Winter Transfers 2016/2017 is ready !
- Licensed for almost clubs, league and NT, including Kits, Logos !
- Added Full Bundesliga/
- Added new faces including arabic faces !
- Added tattoo mod for 200+ Players.
- New HD Turf by Ali Nabil.
- Included 32 Stadiums.
- New scoreboard
- Many more !

Changelog 1.2 :

Fixed all reported bugs- 
Fixed all bundsliga kits -
Added a new small Grafic mod -
Added new HD sky mod -
Added Fog mod For evening for many stadiums -
Added new camera vision at the start- 
Adjusted masses kits -
Removed Selector activcation , you don't need to activate anymore -
Updated full selector , You don't need to reoder the files anymore -
Updated and Fixed Egyptian national team -
Updated new FC BARCELONA Gameplan -
Attached most clubs with their stadiums -


PES 2017 PESArabia 2017 Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 PESArabia 2017 Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 PESArabia 2017 Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 PESArabia 2017 Season 2016/2017


PES 2017 BrazilPES Pro 2017 1.0 AIO + Update 1.3 Season 2016/2017

BrazilPES Pro

PES 2017 BrazilPES Pro 2017 | 28 GB

PES 2017 BrazilPES Pro 2017 comes with new updates and features for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. The patch is focused with South American League and Clubs

Features :

- Including DP 2.0 + Update 1.03 KONAMI.
- Premier League Season 2016/2017
- Skybet Championship Season 2016/2017
- Ligue 1 Season 2016/2017
- Ligue 2 Season 2016/2017
- Eredivisie Season 2016/2017
- Liga NOS Season 2016/2017
- La Liga Santander Season 2016/2017
- La Liga 123 Season 2016/2017
- Serie A Tim Season 2016/2017
- Serie B Tim Season 2016/2017
- Bundesliga Season 2016/2017
- Brasileirão A, B, C Season 2016/2017
- Other Europe 40 teams.
- Includes 40 Stadiums
- First Division (Argentina) Season 2016/2017
- National Championship (Chile) Season 2016/2017
- Uruguay Tournament (Uruguay) Sophistical Construction (already with kits)
- Sophistical updated
- More than 2000 Faces of  Europe League Argentina, Brasileirão A & B.
- Facepack for Referree
- Update kits, shoes, gloves, balls.
- New Scoreboards.
- New Logos.
- New Menus
- Many more !


PES 2017 BrazilPES Pro 2017

PES 2017 BrazilPES Pro 2017

PES 2017 BrazilPES Pro 2017


PES 2017 Next Gen Pitch Returns PRO v2 + Fix v2 by DonyAvia Graphics

DonyAvia Graphics

PES 2017 Next Gen Pitch Returns PRO by DonyAvia Graphics

Another stunning reshade from DonyAvia. With this settings your PES 2017 will get more realistic graphics !. For a better result, you can combine it with DonyAvia Repack Stadium here. What do yo think about it ? are this one is better than Fruits Mod ? :)


- New 3Dpitch
- Evening weather Stambfor Bridge, Anfield, emirates
- Labombonera Confetti on the pitch (convert from pes13 by sonofsam69)
- LED Animated Adboard Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, generic epl, pes2017
- Low support
and any more.

Homepage :

Changelog Fix v2 :

Fixed all these stadiums below :

Camp Nou
Stanford Bridge
Anfield Road
Metropole Arena
Parc des Princes 
Emirates Stadium
King Fahd International Stadium
KONAMI Stadium
Etihad Stadium
White Heart Lane


Note : 

- It's recommended to use this mod with RePack Stadium.

PASSWORD : thankstoallahswt

PES 2017 PS4 Option File v11 Final Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 PS4 Option File

PES 2017 PS4 Option File | 211 MB

This is the new option file from PESFan Italia ( ). Option file only works for PES 2017 PS4 version. The option file by PESFan Italia also compatible with latest Konami Update Patch & Newest Data Pack.

Features : 

- Logos and real names to the teams of the Premier League, Sky Bet Championship, Serie A, Serie B, Liga Santander, LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3 Liga NOS.
- Corrected the names of coaches and stadiums of Serie A TIM teams.
- Corrected Juventus and Bayern Monaco kit.
- Renamed all players of the classic teams with uniforms and some face.
- All the currencies in the HD Series B.
- And many more !

For detail information, please visit its official thread below !

Installation :
  1. Download and extract the file (WinZip or similar) on your computer
  2. WEPES move the folder to a USB device
  3. Connect the USB flash drive to the console
  4. If you have not already done so, apply the Live Update offline game modes, Extra-> Edit Menu Live Update (see FAQ)
  5. Go to Edit mode
  6. data management
  7. Import / Export
  8. Import team
  9. Select all with square
  10. forward
  11. SELECTED "Apply player data and team"
  12. ok
  13. Wait for the transfer of files
  14. Exit the edit mode
  16. Enjoy!


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