PES 2018 Minifaces La Liga Santander by Cesc (569 Minifaces)

PES 2018 Minifaces La Liga Santander by Cesc

A huge collection of minifaces for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 by Cesc. It includes almost all La Liga Santander Players for 2017/2018 Season. 


- Works with all patches
- Compatible with Datapack 4.0
- Includes 569 Minifaces

Installation :

1. Extract file with WinRAR, copy .CPK file to your PES 2018 Download folder.

2. Generate with PES2018 DpFileList Generator

3. Done !

PES 2018 Minifaces La Liga Santander by Cesc (569 Minifaces)

PES 2018 Minifaces La Liga Santander by Cesc (569 Minifaces)


PES 2017 FIFA Pitch by TeKo

PES 2017 FIFA Pitch by TeKo

New Pitch like FIFA for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Stadium. It also works with PES 2017 Datapack 3.0

Features of PES 2017 FIFA Pitch by TeKo :

Compatible with Datapack 3.0
Compatible with all patch
Less Green and Less Light
More Reality and More Shadow



PES 2018 PS3 Official Update 1.08 + Datapack 4.01

PES 2018 PS3 New Patch Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 PS3 Official Update Patch & Data Pack  ( BLES / BLUS / WE 2018 )

This is the official DataPack & Update Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PS3 version. In this Data Pack KONAMI brings many more faces, boots, photo thumbnail and more !. This version only works with PES 2018 PS3 version.

Datapack 4.0 Content :

Updated models of the National Team kits
Updated adidas models of the Japanese, German, Spanish, and Columbian National Team away kits, NIKE models of the Brazilian, French, British National Team kits, and PUMA models of the Italian, Slovakian National Team kits.

Northern Ireland

Updated Uniforms
Club kits of 9 teams, along with the National Teams listed abovePES 2018 Update 1.06 Data Pack 4
Added New boots
Latest NIKE model boots
Updated Player Faces
More realistic faces of over 90 players
Player portraits photos
Lots of new player portraits that are seen when setting formations and checking player stats during matches will be added.

Other version :

For PES 2018 XBOX 360 download here
For PES 2018 PC STEAM download here


How to Use :

1- Paste the datapack folder in dev_hdd0 / game
2- Install update 1.06
3- Enter the recovery menu of the console and rebuild database


PES 2018 Stadium Old Trafford v0.5 BETA by Durandil CYPES

Manchester United

PES 2018 Stadium Old Trafford by Durandil CYPES

The first stadium mod for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC version. This is such great news for PES Modding Community since this year we face some difficulties in stadium modding. 

What this Old Trafford mod 0.5 version offers:

- Addition of Old Trafford in a new stadium slot, without replacing another stadium.
- The stadium is 100% playable and offers a rendering very close to the other stadiums.
- The day / Fine weather is for the moment the most optimized. It is possible to play with other weather, but there will be almost no difference.
- Commentators talk about the stadium early in the game.

Elements that are not yet integrated in this version:

- The Old Trafford tunnel entrance
- The entry of the players by the side of the field.
- Ads on the side of the stands.

Installation :

1. Extract with WinRAR

2. Copy CPK file to your PES 2018 Download folder

3. Generate with PES 2018 DpFileList Generator

4. Done !



PES 2018 Kit Studio 2018 v1.1.1 - UniColor and KitConfig Editor by Zlac

PES 2018 Kit Studio 2018 - UniColor and KitConfig Editor by Zlac

This is a simple tool to edit jersey in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. PES 2018 Kit Studio 2018 is an early version for testing purposes, ported directly from 2017 version, with minor cosmetic PES 2018 changes only. New PES 2018 database files, nothing important has changed in the structure of UniColor.bin and Team.bin files compared to PES 2015, PES 2016 or PES 2017 files.

Features PES 2018 Kit Studio 2018 :
  • Supports only PC files - console files are NOT supported directly (use multi-converter to convert your files from/to console formats)
  • kits per team configuration
  • kit types (normal, GK, CL)
  • kit icons
  • kit colors (for kit selection menu, etc.)
  • add/remove kits to team (up to 10 kits per team)
  • conversion of unlicensed team entries to licensed (to enable CL kits)
  • ability to delete unwanted unlicensed team entries (e.g. duplicated teams)
  • ability to add new team entries (e.g. for extra teams that you already created by yourself in Team.bin)
  • ability to delete licensed team entries via popup menu
  • saved .bin files are always zlib-compressed
  • improved team filtering by name - filter boxes now accept all characters (interpunction, characters with umlauts, carets, etc.)
  • filters accept team Id's and team names
  • hex color-codes displayed in color pickers
  • export/import of individual licensed team entries via popup menu
  • mass csv export/import for all teams
  • colored mini-kit icons preview (based on PES 2015 kit icons - may not be 100% accurate for PES 2018)
  • ability to unlicense licensed team entries (two options - unlicensing of the unicolor entry only or unlicensing in both unicolor.bin and team.bin file) via pop-up menu
  • EXPERIMENTAL - realUni .bin config files editing (see File > Settings ... for further instructions on how to enable this feature) - realUni .bin config files also seem to be unchanged when compared to 2017, but no guarantees that kit configs actually work in-game - always make backups.
  • NEW in 2018 v1.1 - synchronization of kit references between UniColor.bin and EDIT00000000 (from Unicolor to EDIT only) - experimental option that may (or may not) solve the problems that appear when changes to kit distribution in UniColor do not show in-game because the game (i.e. community patches) is already using EDIT00000000 file with different kit distribution.
  • NEW in 2018 v1.1 - ability to delete kits stored in EDIT00000000, that were created in Edit mode (two options - deletion of all edit mode kits per individual licensed team (on 'Licensed UniColor entries' tab) and global deletion of each and every edit mode kit available (on 'Misc' tab)) - another experimental feature which may or may not solve the problems that appear because data in UniColor and EDIT00000000 are not ideally synchronized.
  • NEW in 2018 v1.1.1 - added support for new kit collars (117, 118, 119)
Disabled features from previous versions:

What files do I need to use ...

For compatibility with the game which does not use data packs:
- Team.bin and Team4.bin from dt10_x64.cpk (common/etc/pesdb)
- Unicolor.bin from dt34_g4.cpk (common/character0/model/character/uniform/team)
- [New in v1.1] EDIT00000000 file - from your current patch, private edits, etc. - go to edit mode and let the game create one, if there isn't any in your mydocs\save folder

For compatibility with the game which uses Data pack 1:
- Team.bin and Team4.bin from dt10_x64.cpk (common/etc/pesdb)
- Unicolor.bin from dt80_100E_x64.cpk (common/character0/model/character/uniform/team)
- [New in v1.1] EDIT00000000 file - from your current patch, private edits, etc. - go to edit mode and let the game create one, if there isn't any in your mydocs\save folder

For more details and instructions, please visit old 2017 thread:

Original Thread :


.Net Framework 4.0

  • Zlac
  • To all evo-webbers who actively participated in discussions related to PES 2015 kit relinking, CL kits, etc.
  • Special thanks goes to @Горан for his unicolor hex-map and to @*aLe for csv beta-testing
  • Special thanks also goes to @GOAL for his KitManager 2016 - reverse-engineering of the modifications that his tool makes in realUni .bin files made it possible to create kit configurator in KitStudio 2017 and 2018


PES 6 Option File by PES 6 Arema Season 2017/2018

PES 6 Option File by PES 6 Arema Season 2017/2018

New Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Option File by PES 6 Arema. It includes some new updates for 2017/2018 including Liga 1 Indonesia.

Whats New?

- Available Liga 1 Gojek Traveloka Indonesia all clubs season 2018.
- Available some clubs from second division of  British Championship (4), Serie B Italy (4), and La Liga 2 Spain ( 4). Liga 2 Indonesia (6). Available all national team World Cup Russia 2018 contestant.

What Update?

New club:

Liga 1 Indonesia:  Arema FC, Bali United FC, Barito Putera FC, Bhayangkara FC, Madura United FC, Mitra Kukar FC, Persebaya Surabaya, PSIS Semarang, Perseru Serui, Persela Lamongan, Persib Bandung, Persija Jakarta, Persipura Jayapura, PS TIRA, PSM Makassar, Borneo FC, PSMS Medan, Sriwijaya FC.

Liga 2 Indonesia: Semen Padang FC, Persis Solo, Persiba Balikpapan, Persegres Gresik, PSS Sleman

New national team:

Iceland, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, Panama (World Cup Contestant Russia 2018)


All player ability copying from PESSTATSDATABASE.COM if there's nothing there we convert from PESMASTER.COM.
Latest transfer of Half Season January (winter transfer) 2017/2018 season (UEFA)
Update transfer, kits, face, hair, stats of Liga 1 Indonesia 2018.

English Premier League 
Arsenal  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Bournemouth (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Brighton (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Burnley  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Chelsea  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Crystal Palace  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Everton  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Huddersfield  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Leicester  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Liverpool  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Man City (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Man United  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Newcastle  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Southampton  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Stoke  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Swansea   (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Tottenham  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Watford  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
WBA  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
West Ham  (squad, formation, jersey, number)

France Ligue 1 
Amiens (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Angers (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Bordeaux (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Caen (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Dijon (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Guingamp (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Lille (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Lyon (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Marseille (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Metz (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Monaco (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Montpellier (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Nantes (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Nice (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Paris Saint-Germain (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Rennes (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Saint-Étienne (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Strasbourg (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Toulouse (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Troyes (squad, formation, jersey, number)

Italy Serie A 
Atalanta  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Benevento  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Bologna  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Crotone (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Cagliari   (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Chievo (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Fiorentina  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Genoa (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Hellas Verona  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Inter  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Juventus  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Lazio  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Milan  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Napoli  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Roma  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Sampdoria  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Sassuolo (squad, formation, jersey, number)
SPAL  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Torino (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Udinese  (squad, formation, jersey, number)

Liga 1 Gojek Indonesia (Replacement of 1. Bundesliga)
Arema FC (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Persib Bandung   (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Persija Jakarta (squad, formation, jersey, number)
PSIS Semarang (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Persebaya Surabaya (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Madura United (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Bhayangkara FC (squad, formation, jersey, number)
PS TNI (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Perseru Serui  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Persipura Jayapura  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Bali United (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Mitra Kukar FC   (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Barito Putera FC (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Borneo FC   (squad, formation, jersey, number)
PSM Makassar (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Sriwijaya FC (squad, formation, jersey, number)
PSMS Medan (squad, formation, jersey, number)

Spain La Liga 
Deportivo Alaves (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Atletico Madrid   (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Barcelona  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Real Betis (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Celta Vigo (squad, formation, jersey, number)
SD Eibar  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
RCD Espanyol  (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Getafe (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Girona CF (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Deportivo La Coruna (squad, formation, jersey, number)
UD Las Palmas (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Leganes (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Levante (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Real Madrid   (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Malaga (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Sevilla   (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Real Sociedad (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Valencia (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Villarreal (squad, formation, jersey, number)

UEFA Other Club A and B
Indonesia All Star (squad, formation, jersey, number)
RSC Anderlect (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Zenit St. Petersburg (squad, formation, jersey, number)
CSKA Moskow (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Spartak Moskva (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Olimpiacos Pireus (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Ajax Amsterdam (squad, formation, jersey, number)
PSV Eindhoven (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Feyenoord (squad, formation, jersey, number)
SL Benfica (squad, formation, jersey, number)
FC Porto (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Sporting CP (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Celtic FC (squad, formation, jersey, number)
FC Basel (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Dynamo Kyiv (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Shaktar Donetsk (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Fenerbahce SK (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Galatasaray SK (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Besiktas JK (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Bayern Munich (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Borussia Dortmund (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Bayern Leverkusen (squad, formation, jersey, number)
FC Schalke (squad, formation, jersey, number)
RB Leipzig

UEFA Other Club C 
Cardiff City (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Aston Villa (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Wolverhampton (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Derby Country (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Frosinone (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Empoli (squad, formation, jersey, number)
AC Parma (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Palermo (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Huesca (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Rayo Vallecano (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Cadiz CF (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Granada (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Persegres Gresik United (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Persiba Balikpapan (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Persis Solo (squad, formation, jersey, number)
PSS Sleman (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Persiwa Wamena (squad, formation, jersey, number)
Semen Padang FC (squad, formation, jersey, number)

How to Use :

1. Download & Extract with WinRAR

2. Copy KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT file to 

Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1

3. Done & Play !

Facebook :

Homepage :


PES 6 Option File by PES 6 Arema Season 2017/2018

PES 6 Option File by PES 6 Arema Season 2017/2018


PES 2017 Ballpack P1 by danyy77

Adidas Ball Cardif 2017

PES 2017 Ballpack P1 by danyy77

New ballpack collection from Danyy77. It includes some new balls Season 2017/2018.

List :

Ordem V
Champions league : Finale 17, Finale 17 winter y Final Kiev.
Supercopa de Europa
Europa League
Telstar World Cup 2018

How to Use :

1. Extract the file with WinRAR,

2. Copy .CPK file to your PES 2017 DOWNLOAD folder.

C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\Download\

3. Generate with PES 2017 DpFileList Generator.

4. Done



PES 2017 Badges Update Only for Smoke Patch 9.7.1 by Facuelpiojoso87

PES 2017 Badges Update Only for Smoke Patch 2017 by Facuelpiojoso87

New badges for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. This badges only compatible with Smoke Patch 2017.

Updated league badges (Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Bundesliga)
Updated CL and UEL winners badges. Also a UEL winner badge relink
Updated relinks for league winner teams (AS Monaco, Feyenoord, Bayern and more)
Relinked badges for the relegated and promoted teams (Serie A, Ligue 1, more)
Added badges for Bundesliga teams in Smoke Patch 2017


*Updated linked badges for skyBET teams (Bolton Wanderers, Millwall, Sheffield United)
*Updated linked badges for Primeira Liga teams (CD Aves, Portimonense SC)
*Updated linked badges for Ligue 2 teams (Châteauroux, Paris FC, Quevilly Rouen)
*Updated linked badges for Serie B teams (Foggia Calcio, Parma Calcio 1913, US Cremonese, Venezia FC)


PES 2017 Badges Update Only for Smoke Patch 9.6.2 by Facuelpiojoso87

PES 2017 Badges Update Only for Smoke Patch 9.6.2 by Facuelpiojoso87

PES 2017 Badges Update Only for Smoke Patch 9.6.2 by Facuelpiojoso87

PES 2017 Badges Update Only for Smoke Patch 9.6.2 by Facuelpiojoso87


PES 2018 DinoTem Editor 18 by smeagol75/lagun-2 TEST 4c VERSION

PES 2018 DinoTem Editor 18 by smeagol75/lagun-2

Supported Platforms


General Features
Edit the file .bin:
- Player.bin
- PlayerAssignement.bin
- PlayerAppareance.bin
- Team.bin
- Country.bin
- Tactics.bin
- TacticsFormation.bin
- Ball.bin
- BallCondition.bin
- Stadium.bin
- CompetitionRegulation.bin
- CompetitionEntry.bin
- Coach.bin
- Competition.bin
- CompetitionKind.bin
- Derby.bin
- StadiumOrder.bin
- StadiumOrderInConfederation.bin
- Boots.bin
- Glove.bin

Player's editor
- Name
- Shirt name
- Japanese name
- Nationality
- 2nd Nationality
- Player styles
- Age
- Height and weight
- Stronger foot
- Form, we acc/usage and injury res
- Hidden player
- Positions
- Stats
- Skills
- COM playing styles
- Player's motions
- Stats adjustments
- Remove Fake ID
- Copy/Paste player stats from PesStatsDatabase (PSD)
- Change skin colour
- Has won golden ball
- Star player indicator
- Youth club
- Import player's stats from FM 2017 (152188 players)
- Search FM 2017 players by names
- Search FM 2017 players by clubs
- Filter FM 2017 player's search by club
- Filter FM 2017 player's search by nationality
- Boots relink
- Gloves relink

Team's editor
- Names ( 15 languages supported )
- Short name
- Country
- Fake team
- Non playable league
- License
- Coach license
- Team's stadium
- Has Licensed Players
- Anthem Standing Style
- Anthem Players Singing
- Anthem Standing Angle
- Has Anthem
- Derby's relink

Team's transfers editor
- Transfer players (with Drag&Drop Function)
- Search players by name
- Change player's number in team
- Change player's name in team
- Change player's shirt name in team

Drag&Drop function
- Transfer player between teams
- Transfer player from all player's list
- Remove player in formation
- Move player in formation

Team's formation editor
- Change formations (Custom, Offensive and Defensive)
- Changing formations quickly by selecting the module
- Change player's position
- Change player's position in the pitch with a click
- Change kickers
- Change tactics (Build up, defensive style...)

Ball's editor
- Name
- Order

Coach's editor
- Name
- Nationality
- License id

Stadium's editor
- Name
- Japanese Name
- Konami Name
- Capacity
- Country
- Zone
- License
- Paste from database

Glove's editor
- Name
- Color
- Order

Boot's editor
- Name
- Color
- Material
- Order

Competition's editor
- Competition Study
- Relink league

Export/Import function
- Players + teams [CSV]
- Teams [CSV]
- Players [CSV]
- Balls [CSV]
- PlayerAppareance [CSV]
- Ball Condition [CSV]
- Export player
- Import player (PES 2018 only / Dino Editor)
- Export playerAppareance
- Import playerAppareance (PES 2018 only / Dino Editor)

- Stadium: [PES 14/PES 15/PES 16]
Stadium Name, Hex, Home Stadium, Real Name, DLC

Global Functions
- Change all player's names in upper/lower/first up format
- Change all teams's names in upper/lower/first up format

Extra Features
- Compatible with all DLC's
- All bootspack are supported
- All ballspack are supported
- All stadiumspack are supported
- Remove fake teams names
- Remove classic players fake names
- Add new gloves, balls, boots, coaches, stadiums, derby, players, teams

Thread :

PASSWORD : lagun-2

PES 5 / WE 9 / WE 9 LE Kitserver 5.6.0 by Juce


PES 5 Kitserver 5.5.5 by Juce

Kitserver 5 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Winning Eleven 9, and Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution. It is a loader and manager for various modules. Kserv Module provides the alternative way of managing players and goalkeeper kits outside of the game's AFS file: you organize the PNG or BMP kit images into an external database, which is basically a collection of folders and files that follows few simple rules. You are not restricted to just 1st and 2nd kit for each team - you can have as many as you like. 

The BallServer Module does similar things to Kserv: it offers the possibility of chosing a ball from the external database. Of course it is possible to store more than the eight standard balls. Another extension is the Faceserver Module. As the name says, it allows to use more faces and hair from an external database without overwriting existing ones. With StadiumServer, you can choose additional stadiums from your GDB. Furthermore the LOD Mixer Module enables more detailed graphics and controlling of match aspects in Leagues and Cups.

Some additional modules were backported from later versions of Kitserver: Bootserver allows to assign each player personalized boots from GDB. AFS2FS module allows you to organize your patches into folders and files, instead of inserting them into AFS-files. This way, you can quickly add/remove patches, and also never worry about needing to re-build AFS, because of lack of space for a particular BIN. There is also a Speeder module - to alter the game speed (increase/decrease). And the last new addition is the Network module, which provides easy means of configuring which network server to connect to and automatic roster updates.

Kitserver 5 : Full support for PC versions of: PES5, WE9, and WE9:LE.


- kserv with High-Def kits support
- lodmixer (various tweaks for game graphics)
- faceserver/hairserver
- ballserver with 3D rotating ball preview
- stadium server
- bootserver
- afs2fs
- network module
- speeder

Full Documentation :

Thread :

Changelog 5.6.0 :

- fixed occasional issues with HD faces/hairs


PES 2018 Trophies Mod by Txak

PES 2018 Trophies Mod by Txak

New trophy mod by txak. This mod will add real trophies for UEFA Euro and Copa Libertadores. Fake trophies are replaced by real trophies, this real trophies are by default ingame but not used.

How to Use :

1. Extract the file with WinRAR,

2. Copy .CPK file to your PES 2018 DOWNLOAD folder.

3. Generate with PES 2018 DpFileList Generator.

4. Done

Credits : Txak


PES 2018 PC/PS4 Option File Hong Kong Premier League v1.0 by WEHK

PES 2018 PC/PS4 Option File Hong Kong Premier League by WEHK

This is the new option file of Hong Kong Premier League made by WEHK ( Winning Eleven Hong Kong ) Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 game. It works with PES 2018 PC or PS4 version. This option file
will replace the original 20 teams in the PAS League, using all PAS League generic players and some duplicated fake NT players.

No "create players" are used.

Teams from HK Premier League:

N/A Eastern SC (original in AFC Champions League, squad updated)
1. Kitchee (featuring Diego Forlan)
2. HK Pegasus
3. Wofoo Tai Po
4. KC Southern
5. Sun Bus Yuen Long
6. Lee Man
7. R&F (HK)
8. Dreams FC
9. HK Rangers (first "professional" status club in AFC)

Teams from HK First Division League:

10. South China (most famous club in Hong Kong)
11. Wong Tai Sin
12. Wing Yee Property
13. Citizen
14. Double Flower
15. Hong Kong Football Club (founded in 1886, 2nd existing eldest football club in AFC)
16. Rotterdam Sparta (Mutual)
17. Hoi King
18. Eastern District
19. Shatin

Teams from HK Second Division League:

20. Happy Valley (our partner club)

Facebook :

Group :



WE10 PS2 KM Mix Patch 1.2 + ULTIMATE OF Winter 2006 by Ogaitnas99

WE10 KM Mix Patch 1.2 + ULTIMATE OF Winter 2006 by Ogaitnas99

Hi, here's the legendary Winning Eleven 10 option files for PS2. This option file was originally created from KM Mix Patch. But User Name 99 from Evo-web has improved it a bit. It includes an accurate with the 2006 World Cup and editing a few faces, all kits with their correct logos and sponsors, active players unlocked from the WESHOP, and more. 

I know some people might not play this anymore, but this option file is worth to try especially to those who wants to play "the real football game".

Original Features of KM Mix Patch 1.2:

99% English Translaion v.3 by Fernando + KM.
100% Teams Names Translation by KM.
100% Players Names Translation v.3.3 by JayZ + Ortegaman + KM.
100% Stadiums Names by Fernando.
100% Main Menu Translation by Yogui.
100% Training Pictures Translation by KM.
100% Chants by Solidus + Maximo Rearranged by KM.
New Stadiums by bombillero + Iceman + mIGUEL.
Teams Emblems v.2 by Higgs.
Leagues Emblems by Higgs.
Backgrounds for League Menus by Bothered.
Stadiums Preview Pics by Team PES-X.
New BootPack by KM.
Editable bootpack v.2 by nemro.
Boots Preview Pics by KM.
New Balls By the thing + KM.
Balls Preview Pics by Spark.
New Adboards v.1.2 by impatrick.


San Siro
Camp Nou
Amsterdam Arena
Old Trafford
Delle Alpi
Stamford Bridge
Parc Des Princes
Santiago Bernabeu
St James Park
Olympiastadion Berlin


adidas +Predator Absolute Black
adidas +Predator Absolute Gold
adidas +Predator Absolute Blue
adidas +F50 Tunit Black
adidas +F50 Tunit Blue
adidas +F50 Tunit Red
Puma v1.06 Red
Puma King Exec Black
Nike Air Zoom 90 III Red
Nike Air Zoom 90 III Navy
Lotto Zero
Umbro X II Silver
Mizuno Wave Shinken
Diadora Attiva


+Teamgeist Power Orange
Finale Orange
Pelias II
Aero Premier League
Aero La Liga
Aero La Liga Winter
+F50 X-ite Black
+F50 X-ite Blue
Umbro Digital X
Uhlsport PT22
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Music from Kasabian, Gorillaz, The Strokes, U2 among others.

Additions of the OF made by User Name 99 / Ogaitnas99 :

-Complete kitsets for ALL unlicensed teams with their respective logos and sponsors (Also captain armbands for all 20 Premier League teams).
-NT logos for all 2006 World Cup teams (except Tunisia which I couldn't find) and the Republic of Ireland, Romania, Wales, Northern Ireland, Colombia, Uruguay and Peru.
-Complete World Cup squads (replacing duplicate players and/or created from scratch) for all 32 participants, including correct starting XIs (Credits to Watson and Rapid Vienna from PESFan for appearances and stats).
-WESHOP unlocked with the exception of Classic Teams and limiting players to only those that were active at that time (Aguero, Freddy Adu, Vagner Love, Cavenaghi, Conceicao, Romario, Ciriaco Sforza, Anderson, Owusu-Abeiye, Noor, Rodallega...) and enough points to buy the rest of the articles.
-Enhanced faces for some players (Ribery, Gago, Nasri, Aguero, Palacio, Walcott, Insua, Falcao...) and applied preset faces to some players who had one but wasn't applied before (Claudio Lopez, Conceicao, Battaglia, Luciano Figueroa, Kahn, Ballack...).
-Rapid Wien replaces WE United, with pixel-by-pixel made crest and respective kits (credits to Rapid Vienna from PESFan for stats, appearances and team information).
-Luton Town replaces PES United, with its crest and respective kits (credits to Titch, cantona and Adam M Smith from PESFan for stats, appearances and team information).
-Replaced preset numbers from 0_text with numbers most teams use, such as Puma 2004-05 and 2006, Adidas 2002-05 and 2006, Ligue 1, Premier League, Nike 2006 (Brazil and Croatia)... This is the ONLY modification from the original KM 0_text.
-Music from seminal 00s bands such as Kasabian, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Franz Ferdinand, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and more.


PES 2017 Gol TV Ecuador Scoreboard by JAS

PES 2017 Gol TV Ecuador Scoreboard by JAS

New Gol Tv Scoreboard Scoreboard by JAS for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. Thanks to JAS

Installation :

1. Extract file with WinRAR, copy .CPK file to your PES 2017 Download folder.

2. Generate with PES 2017 DpFileList Generator

3. Done !

Homepage :


PES 2017 Gol TV Ecuador Scoreboard by JAS

PES 2017 Gol TV Ecuador Scoreboard by JAS

PES 2017 Gol TV Ecuador Scoreboard by JAS


PES 2018 UEFA Edition v3.0 FINAL + Fix 2 by Wolves85 Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 UEFA Edition by Wolves85 Season 2017/2018

“Where Legends Are Made” Featuring its biggest advances in over a decade, KONAMI looks to cement PES 2018's reputation as the definitive football title. PES 2018 features more new additions than any other PES title in the last 10 years, and no part of the game has been left untouched. At its heart remains the famed gameplay where users enjoy complete control over the on-field action, using players that behave, move and react just like their real-life counterparts. New additions to the control systems add more fluidity to the game, while a new user interface makes accessing the many facets of PES 2018 a simpler process.

Patch Features :

-Replaced Bastia SC with PARIS FC (Using real team id)
-Replaced Gimarquella with CA CHACARITA JR (Using real team id)
-Added 5 missing UEFA Champions League teams.
-Added 27 missing UEFA Europa League teams.
-Added 14 Other European Clubs which lose the EL Playoff
-Added 22 Other European Clubs which won their national league
-Added Rangers FC, Standard Liege, Sparta Praha, Rapid WIen
-Added 11 National Teams (1 AFC-4 CONCACAF-6 CAF)
-All the coaches has been renamed and licensed (N.B.: Coaches updated to September 1st)
-Added coach images for the added European National Teams
-Added kits for the all National Teams
-Added kits for EPL (thanks to @Cesc Fabregas)
-Added kits for La Liga and La Liga 1|2|3(thanks to @Txak)
-Added kits for The Championship, Liga NOS, Serie B (repacked by @kilay)
-It works with @predator002 chant pack. All European NT have anthems, all european clubs are licensed and have their chants.
-It works with Evo-Web Community ads

Save folder contents:

-Imported J-League by @Albiore
-Imported Liga Aguila by KillaCarrillo & 99Doogs
-Imported Other Latin American Teams by various authors (most of which by Emerson Pereira)
-Imported Other Asian teams by various author (Dorumagesu116, Barca4eva)


-Extract package with 7zip
-Copy files in [*your main PES18 folder*]\download (if it does not exist, create it)
-Generate DpFileList with DpFileList Generator 2018 by @Baris N.B. any fix have to be placed below all the other files
-patch is tested with @predator002 chantpack and Evo-web community ads.
-copy the save data folder in [*your document folder*]\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018
-Run PES 2018 and ejoy!


- Original DB has highly changed. Some double fake player (for example fake national player of UEFA NT) were replaced with player imported from PES17 and loses their ID. Almost all Classic players were removed and replaced with real players. All assigned coaches are now licensed, so they have now a different ID respect the original DB. Import .ted files on teams different from the fake Asian and Latin American ones is highly unsafe. Anyway, should you want to import teams follow those rules:

- Check the Coach ID before to import. IF needed, change the coach ID of your .ted file using PES2018Editor by @SMcCutcheon before to import the .ted file itself;
- Check that all the player ID >262000 are actually available in game
- Import .ted file using the internal editor


Any old Save File (including V2.1 save folder) are no more compatible

Thread :

Update 07 April 2018 :

Added new faces, tattos and minifaces !

Changelog Fix 2 :

fixed Legia Warszawa kits

Changelog Fix 1 :

fixed playerappearance.bin (all players with id > 118579 now have correct appearances instead of dummy ones)
fixed Paulinho(CF) name no CAPS LOCK in Zorya Luhansk
fixed PES United nationality from Italian to Others (english banners)


PES 2018 UEFA Edition by Wolves85 Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 UEFA Edition by Wolves85 Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 UEFA Edition by Wolves85 Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 UEFA Edition by Wolves85 Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 UEFA Edition by Wolves85 Season 2017/2018

Note :

put fix last in DpFileList generator

- This patch doesn't include Winter Transfers 2017/2018


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