Adding Kits & Making A New UniformParameter.bin by Hawke

Adding Kits & Making A New UniformParameter.bin by Hawke

1. You only need to build a new UniformParameter.bin when adding kit config bins or editing the kit config bins ( xxxx_DEF_1st_realUni.bin etc )

..when editing kit textures or just changing Unicolor settings you don't need to make a new UniformParameter.bin.

2. You don't need to extract UniformParameter.bin every time you add kits..keep your existing UniPara folder safe & you can use it each time you add kits.

3. Point KitStudio to the path of your UniPara folder using KitStudio settings.

Adding Kits & Making A New UniformParameter.bin by Hawke

4. Question: "Do I need to make a new UniformParameter.bin every time I edit the kit config bins, even if I'm only changing number positions ?"...Answer: "Yes" or the changes will not show up in game.

5. Backup your files...I can't stress this enough.

6. Question: "In the video you delete edit mode kits & sync to Edit00000000 with this necessary ?" Answer: " I always do this as I backup my Edit00000000 so if anything went wrong..I have a backup"

7. Important: Don't leave the UniPara/team folder in the same directory as won't work correctly from there...move it to your desktop or somewhere else.


Credit & Required Tools :

- Hawke
- Evo-Web Forum !

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