Sider 7.1.7 by Juce for PES 2021

Sider 6 for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 by Juce

Sider 7 for Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 by Juce

Sider is a companion program for PES 2021 . It allows for small tweaks - such as "free side-select" (which is where sider gets its name from), and time expander for the demo version. It also facilitates game mods, created by the modding community. The two main features are LiveCPK and the scripting engine, where you can write your own mods in Lua programming language.

LiveCPK makes it possible to replace game content at run-time with content from files stored on disk, instead of having to pack everything into CPK-archives. (This feature is similar to Kitserver's AFS2FS and to FileLoader for earler versions of PES). Depending on how and when exactly the game reads the replaced files, you can even live-edit some things, like textures or 3D models, without exiting the game.

If you know a little bit how to program, you can write your own game logic using Sider's scripting engine. This requires some reading and understanding of how the game works, but it's really not that hard ;-) See scripting.html - for detailed documentation on that.

Sider 7.1.4 works fine for PES 2021 Patch 1.07.01 Datapack 7.0

How to update your existing sider (From older 7.1.3 to 7.1.4):

Just replace sider.dll with the new one. That's it.

Features :

- initial version, with updated netblock.lua


1. Extract with WinRAR and done ( Sider  doesn't need to be extracted in game folder, you can place Sider anywhere 😀 

2.  Run sider.exe, it will open a small window, which you can minimize if you want

3. Run the game and Sider should automatically attach to the game process.

Thread :

*See doc/readme.txt for information on how to use it. The livecpk/ball-root is an example of LiveCPK usage, with Champions League ball created by @Hawke.

Homepage/Manual Instruction [ Important ] :

Changelog :

- fixing a rare bug, when "after_set_conditions" event isn't called in Master League
  (which led to subtle errors in such modules as StadiumServer and ScoreboardServer)
  thanks to Sickbeard who reported it.
- documentation updated: added previously missing info on:
  "set_home_team_for_kits" and "set_away_team_for_kits" events

- "ctx.kits" updates: new "SleeveLimits" kit attribute and corrections for number
  positioning on the shorts (new range for "ShortsNumberX" and "ShortsNumberY": 0-31)
  Thanks, zlac and Hawke!
- new scripting lib: "fs", with function "find_files" for listing/searching directories
- audio lib update: new function "get_state" for sound objects


- fix for "home_team" and "edit_home_team" settings in lua context object
when the game is in Edit mode.

- fixes for crash-on-startup issues that some folks have had since version 7.1.0

- added support for 1.06.00 game exe

- fix for problem introduced in version 7.1.0:
with overlay disabled (overlay.enabled = 0), sider was causing immediate game crash.
This is fixed now. Thanks to @SinnyDeas for reporting the issue.

- added "input-blocking" feature. (See documentation for Lua scripting for all the details.)
- small tweak to support PES 2021 Lite 1.05.00 exe

- another fix for match.minutes: now works with 1.01.00 and 1.01.01 game exes

- fixed the problem with match.minutes setting in sider.ini. It works now. (note, if you want more flexibility in time management, you may want to look at timeaccel.lua module instead: it can set match time based on current tournament and so in)

- the Ronaldo "SUUU" sound demo (cr7_audio.lua) also works now. I modified it a bit compared to last year version: this time the SUUU! sound is only played if Ronaldo does his special celebration with windmill and high jump and turn in the air. If it is another celebration that is chosen, then the sound won't be played. (if updating, make sure to copy new cr7_audio.lua into your sider, along with new "cr_suuu_d6.mp3" file)



  1. is the scoreboard file from pes 2020 is reusable in pes 2021 season update?

  2. I have a question. can both sider's cpklive and dpfilegenerator be used in original pes 2021 from steam store? because I want to compare it from now on, thank you and sorry for my English. greetings from Argentina


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