PES 2021 Turfs and Light Combinations Mod by Jesuadr333

PES 2021 Turfs and Light Combinations Mod by Jesuadr333

PES 2021 Turfs and Light Combinations Mod by Jesuadr333

New turfs mod by Jesuadr333 for PES 2021 PC.

1) This form that I used in the game could not have been done without @Mohamed2746 's Turfloader module, which I simply separated into parts renamed and edited to be able to more separately choose the different turf and lights files within the sider, so all credits to @Mohamed2746.
2) On the other hand I am the author of a variety of colors, cuts, and grass grains and lighting edits.
3) As for grass cuts, I also leave you the @endo cuts in gray and yellow (G1 to G8 and Y1 to Y8) because they are used to make the combinations, so all the credits in that case go to @endo .
4) The turfs belonging to @0coolmods have also been added separately. In the event that there is a file corresponding to another author and he has not mentioned all the credits go to him.
5) Also clarify that as it is the personal way that I use it, you will find different names used by me and that I do not have time to change. If anyone wants, they can do it manually.
Also in this way the creators and we can test the combinations more easily and then be able to definitively add it to the stadium in question.
6) You can add the turfs and complete lights of authors you want, I don't leave any, except for some of the aforementioned issues
7) Choose manually with pgdn and pgup on keyboard
8) It only uses the number options within the turfloader module, in other cases they are maintained but I cannot guarantee anything, since I have not tested
9) You can use a complete turf with almost files (effect-pitch-lut-goal-turf3d) only within the turfloader module and disable the others or add the other files corresponding to the turf by activating one of the other modules. The colors names turf inside the turfloader only correspond to the color file, no more files.
10) I only leave some examples in videos. You can make infinite combinations, and add things to your liking. As you know you can use one, some or deactivate them
11) For now Some issues may be in testing, so I left them like that, since I don't have time to rename or delete the folder. Then maybe I'll add a few more things.

Turf: OT Night Day
Light: L OT Day
CorteCesped: G3
Gramado: CN
(in this case the size depends on the size of the square of each field. In the case of CN grain, it works in almost all stadiums, but in some you must use the largest field and this is the LIV and LIV2, for example the monumental stadium of river)

similar to the previous one but with:
Turf: ST Day
Light: L ST Day (Corrects dark shadows during the day)

L CN Summer Night or L CN Afternoon Spring
Liverpool Night L S (These ones with the letter S are better for night in case you play cup)

IMP: "You will achieve good or bad results depending on the combinations you make"
"For best results always recommend that you use turf/light as a base along with grass cutting and grain as a minimum combination"


@jesuadr333 :
Color 0, 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, etc
Some Konami Stadiums Lights editions (There are lights for morning, afternoon, night, different hours, sunlight positions, etc.)
GrassCut: diagonal, vertical and some fantasy chess grasses, etc. (It was not necessary to make the other cuts because that is what the endo's are for)
Grain: almost every (differents vertical or horizontal grains, and better quality grains)

The grass cuts of the Vanilla Turf Plus SU v1 Gray and yellow
In the case of the OT Night Day folder it is a combination of Vanilla Turf Plus SU v1 Gray with my color 1

Added all its addons to choose them separately

The genius of having created the TurfLoader module totally corresponds to him (look at his thread). I only add copies of it, renamed and edited and added to sider to be able to manage our files separately, it takes me the same time :)). (Maybe @Mohamed2746 wants to reedit it or program it in a better way)


1) Remove the previous Turfloader module from both the folder and the sider lines
2) Copy all folders from the content folder to your content folder and the lua files in the module folder
3) Add these lines to the sider before the stadiumserver and in this order (otherwise it will load incorrectly):

lua.module = "GrassTone.lua"
lua.module = "Gramado.lua"
lua.module = "CorteCesped.lua"
lua.module = "GrassSwear.lua"
lua.module = "TurfLoader.lua"

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