PES 2021 Dynamic Difficulty (Scripting) Removal by Twiggy

PES 2021 Speed Server by Juce & Nesa24

PES 2021 Dynamic Difficulty (Scripting) Removal by Twiggy

Sider Module for PES 2021 & PES 2020 to "remove scripting" in PES 2020/PES 2021 PC. Works in all patches. This module is made by Twiggy.

How this mod works:

You place the lua script in the modules folder, and you add the corresponding line in sider.ini.

lua.module = "Dynamic_Difficulty.lua"

Before every match, the script will set values of 0/0, and give you an experience similar to what you have in exhibition mode.

You can check in sider.log to see if the script works and what it did for the values:
Example of what you see in sider.log (this one says the values were 0/2 and were changed to 0/0)
[Dynamic_Difficulty.lua] dword1 (0x7ff4fd025990) was=0, now=0
[Dynamic_Difficulty.lua] dword3 (0x7ff4fd025998) was=2, now=0

What's next:

I will add functionality to be able to set whatever values you want. So you can be in full control of your experience - DONE

Finally, I want to thank @juce for everything he's done for Pes over the years, and for actually writing up this script :)

later edit: all the testing for this was done with using the AI_Tweaks module (OR crabshank fix difficulty mod). I don’t guarantee you’ll have a good experience if you don’t use one of these two mods

-- Also confirmed to work on pes2020 with the same installation steps.


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