PES 2021 Retro Reshade by Anth James

PES 2021 Retro Reshade by Anth James

PES 2021 Retro Reshade by Anth James

Classic Reshade for PES 2021 PC made by Anth James

All the instructions and everything needed is included in the download - please make sure you read everything! There's 30+ looks to choose from and you can also easily create your own presets.

A couple of important notes to consider:

1. Certain looks will look better with particular conditions/colour pitches - and some will look horrible with the wrong combination. Some look better during the day, others at night etc! Shuffle through until you find what works best for you!

2. You will get slightly different looks when using different pitch/graphic mods. The change in pitch textures has an impact on the look.

3. Not ALL of the effects should be active for every look. Some shouldn't be activated in each preset so you DON'T need to activate all. If they load correctly some should be activated, some shouldn't.

4. Ignore how it looks in the game MENU screens. The look will fit once you're in stadium.

5. The way it comes looks right on my screen, but I would imagine there will be some differences depending on your monitor/tv. My monitor is relatively low contrast, so adjust according to your own tastes.

6. If you make changes, they will STAY. If you want to make adjustments I recommend making a copy of that preset first, or keep a backup of the original presets.

********Making Your Own Retro Looks********

The VHS Pro Shader is the real magic behind the retro look. Massive credit to Vladmir Storm for his work on it.

You can quite easily make your own adjustments via toggling through the VHS Pro options when you hit the 'Home' key.

There are a ton of options to choose from, so if you copy and paste a preset, rename it to something else and then adjust away!

Preview :


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