PES 2021 Stadium Collection with Lighting & Shadows 1st & 2nd Half

PES 2021 Stadium Collection with Lighting & Shadows 1st & 2nd Half

PES 2021 Stadium Collection with Lighting & Shadows

Stadium collection from various stadium maker that has been edited (light & turfs) by aussiepesfan. All credits to original stadium makers.

Descritpion from aussiepesfan

Where I have edited the main light file so that the lighting/shadows change between 1st and 2nd half, with particular emphasis on summer night (sunset/evening lighting where there are long shadows). I only know how to do the different half shadows using the summer night parameters of the light file, which means on some of the opening movies the stadium looks like its a night/floodlit game. That is, this method of different half shadows does not seem to work on daytime parameters of the light files.

Ive included all stadiums into the "stadium-server" folder including map file, so all you have to do is put this folder into the content folder of sider. For personal reference, I put down the time of day (effecting sun/shadow position) at the end of each stadium folder. Use these files however you want, using the light files exclusively if you want for your own stadiums.

Note: Some sun positions are fictional and not realistic. Many of my edits are not perfect, ie. may look nice in game, but a different brighter gamma during replays etc, or an interesting looking sky. Editing light has interesting effects on many aspects of the game, and certain lighting is affected by turf used, and files in other locations..Lut files etc. not just the light files. I just do the basics, with the main goal of making nice looking lighting/shadow effects, and with the 2nd half looking different to the first half. Also, ive got reshade on, and therefore these images may look different to how you see them. I boost contrast up, brightness down on Konami in-game settings, plus use reshade for a more vibrant/saturated look. Also some light/turf effects may be too dark.. just increase the brightness on in-game settings, on reshade, or even your monitor settings.

More Important Note: all credit to the actual stadium creators, and to Endo for his amazing turf. And to Anshenoy for helping out many months ago regarding light editing.

Installation via Stadium Server ( TWO OPTIONS )

A. If the team is available in your patch ( 
Installation via Map_Teams.txt )

3. Extract Stadium with WinRAR Copy each downloaded stadium folder to


4. Copy all lines from map_competitions.txt to your map_competitions.txt

5. Save it and done

Tutorial Video :

The following tutorial video shows how to change lighting for 1st and 2nd half of a sunset match (summer night), where both halves can be played at different times of day/evening/night etc. Its not meant to be an extensive tutorial, but instead more of an introduction to light editing with efficiency as a major goal - being able to edit and experiment on the fly while the game is running in the background.

YouTube :


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