PES 2021 No Yellow Card Indicator by Freedom

PES 2021 Speed Server by Juce & Nesa24

PES 2021 No Yellow Card Indicator by Freedom

Simple mod to remove Yellow Card indicator by Freedom.

I am no modder but have wanted to play without yellow card indicator for quite a long time. Few people including me have been asking for this and not seen anywhere how to do it. So finally trying to do it myself. I got a clue from cursor mod and found that it propably is in the same place as game2d folder which I found from dt00_x64.cpk

And there it was. I wrote this that if the link expires you can find it and do it by yourself.

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\noyellowcard"

No need for preview. This is very simple. If player gets a yellow card you don't see it any more above players head. You just have to remember who got it.


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