PES 2021 Cursor Server v0.2 by moukos13

PES 2021 Speed Server by Juce & Nesa24

PES 2021 Cursor Server by moukos13

New Cursor Mod for PES 2021 PC made by moukos13

-- author lua: (Deltoon, 2018 /edited script: Hawke, 2018/modified script: guorfan, 2020)
-- cursorserver graphic mod editor: moukos13
-- Adapt lua for mod: jemp

The livecpk folder contains different models -target cursors- the -target cursor shadow - is activated by default.

you just have to choose (target folder) the one you like best and place it at this address

- livecpk\cursor\Asset\model\game2d\ < here >

Different head cursor and force bar models are added inside the <cursor model> folder so you can add your taste to the different tournaments by overwriting the predefined files that the mod brings.

The target cursor is only loaded at game start, if you want to load another you'll have to quit pes21 and start it again..

--------------------------------------how to install the mod---------------------------------------------

copy the folders to sider.

-content / CursorServer
-modules / CursorServer.lua
-livecpk / cursorTarget

write to sider.ini

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\cursor"
lua.module = "CursorServer.lua"

Enjoy it....


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