PES 2021 FansServer v6.0 by Dragovic & JostikeGames

PES 2021 FansServer 2022 Dragovic & JostikeGames

PES 2021 FansServer 2022 Dragovic & JostikeGames

New Fans Server mod for PES 2021 PC. Mod is made by Dragovic & JostikeGames. This mod, as the name implies, enables fans to make choreos and raise their club scarfs for specific matches (or derby matches). The list of matches that have implemented is provided below.

Current version: 6.0
Minimum version of Sider required: 7.0.0 +
Requirement: Stadium-server 1.4.0

Disclaimer: All of the choreo files are the property of the stadium creators. Only the code is my work. Furthermore, this mod is not intended for commercial use by any of the paid patches.

Instructions to install 6.0:

If you want new aerials
1. Download FansServer-6.0

If you encounter any game crash or forever loading match screen, download the FansServer6.0 NA (NA = Non-Aerial).
1. Download FansServer-6.0 NA (Delete the fan server files if you downloaded 6.0 first)

2. Copy the "content & modules" folders to your Sider folder

lua.module = "FansServer.lua" in your sider.ini file ABOVE STADIUMSERVER.LUA

6.0 is an All in One (AIO) version, so there is no need to keep the older files; I recommend deleting the choreo-server's or fans-server's previous files.

Mod originally is only compatible with @franjavi_36 VirtuaRED patch, Football Life, and ICMP Patch since they use real IDs for Bundesliga. If you want to play with the Evo-web patch, change the Bundesliga team IDs from ChoreoServer.lua with the ones in Evo-web.

For Inferno Patch Users
wait for a compatible lua file

For Evo Web Patch Users
wait for a compatible lua file

Current Issues:
1. If you play back-to-back rival matches with this module, the aerial views might glitch out on stadium walls or won't load the choreos. This is 1 in 10 times, so please don't report this kind of error; it's just how the game handles the modules.

2. Some stadiums, mostly konami stadiums, have half choreo for final match.

Please suggest additional derbies or matches where choreos would look great, but only with one condition: send me the choreo files and suggestions or links to stadiums with the respective choreos. I'll update this package as I come across new stadium choreos.

Special Thanks to @Jgames for letting me use his files and code for the Choreo mod, through which I got the idea to implement it this way.

Also, thanks to @ZeRoberta, @guorfan, and @Brener Dias, for implementing choreos exclusive to stadiums with unique IDs and choreos respectively.​

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