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PES 2017 Apocaze Ultimate Patch v.2.0.0 + Update 2.1.0 Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 Apocaze Patch

PES 2017 Apocaze Patch New Update Season 2016/2017 | 4.7 GB

Team from Apocaze Patch has released new patch for PES 2017 with latest features and updates 😀

- Compatible with Data Pack 2 (DLC2)
- Compatible with Online Mode
- Compatible with v.1.03.00 File Version v.1.3.0

– Ready For 2017 Season !!!
– Licensed Kits/Jersey & Badge for (PL, SB Championships, Ligue1, Ligue2, Serie A, Serie B, La Liga Satander,La Liga 1|2|3 , Liga NOS ,Bundesliga, Serie A Brazil , Argentina Primer Division , Chilean League, MLS, **J1 League Japan)
– Licensed Leagues Emblems & Logos Season 2016/2017
– Leagues National Uniform (Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia)

– UHD Turfs & Green Grass
– Remake Audiance Staff for Better Atmosphere
- Add Animated Coach
- Add Brand New 41 Stadium By InMortal + New Stadium Preview (For Stadium)
- Fix Stadium Sky, Day & Night even when Summer or Winter condition
– Add New Adboard (PL, La Liga, Champions League,Europa League, more..)

– Add Brand New 51 Official Ball For New Season 2016/2017 (PL, Ligue1, Serie A, LaLiga, LigaNos, Bundesliga,MLS,J1 Japan)
- Add New 11 Gloves Season 2016/2017
- Add Over 100 Boots Updated Season 2016/2017

– License Manager For European Teams , Argentina, Chile Teams
– Remake New Player Stats And Realistic Overral Rating
– Update 300 Face
– Update Lot of Minifaces

#CHANGELOG Ver.2.1.0
- Add Indonesia AFF Squads
- Update MLS & J-LEAGUE Squads & Formation
- Add Classic Barcelona Team
- Add New Fonts
- Add Nike White Boots Special Ronaldo
- Add Some Missing Miniface
- Add 529 Face Include Some Tattoes
- Add New Kit For 15 Club
- Add Real Sky (Repack InMortal Stadium For Apocaze)
- Add Snow Mods (Night,Winter,Rainy)
- Add New Atletico de Madrid Emblems
- Add European & World Classic Emblems

– Compatible for all settings (Low,Med,High)
– Compatible on Estarlen Silva Stadium v.2 or v.0.1(BETA)
– Added New Line Texture Pitch & Added New Pitch Color
– New 3D Pitch Texture

** Note : For MLS & J1 League Japan Stats, Formation, And Overal Ratings Stil Fake, Next Option File will come later .

– Full Version (Steam & non-Steam)
- DLC 2
- v.1.3.0
- Dark Skull Patch


This Apocaze-Patch was Copyright by Author, so if you want to share this patch to another or personal website, include the the original download link Please Respect! .

If you have Some problem when installing or in the game contact me on

Facebook       : Facebook Fanspage 
Website         : Apocaze Patch Website
Instagram      : @drughi_alfi
Gmail            :


You can see the video here.

1. Download all files and extract it with winrar.
2. Copy All Files On Your Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Directory .
3. Copy EDIT00000.bin in to Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save.
4. Open Dpfilelist Generator.
5. After That , Choose your PES 2017 Directory :

6. Then generate with dpfilelist generator Like That ..

7. Now You Can Play with Online Connection,  but turn off the live updates pressing R3 in your controller . Because , Live Update will replace EDIT00000 that i have made for offline mode , so dont worry , if you want to play offline mode such as : exibition, cup mode, league mode, or masterleague & BAL mode, Turn off your live update.

8. Enjoy it .. The file was not installer/exe format, but that was .cpk

* apocaze_1mainpatch.cpk  = KITS,BALLS
* apocaze_2mainsymbol = EMBLEM,GLOVES,BOOTS
* apocaze_3mainstadium.cpk = STADIUMS
* apocaze_4mainface.cpk = FACE, MINIFACE
* apocaze_5mainadboard.cpk = ADBOARD
* apocaze_6mainsound.cpk = SONGS, ANTHEM
* apocaze_offlinemode.cpk = OFFLINE MODE
* apocaze_online.cpk = ONLINE MODE (CHECK WHEN NEEDED)


PES 2017 Apocaze Patch

PES 2017 Apocaze Patch

PES 2017 Apocaze Patch

PES 2017 Apocaze Patch

PES 2017 Apocaze Patch

PES 2017 Apocaze Patch

PES 2017 Apocaze Patch



  1. Replies
    1. Hi, glad to see the author here, lol.

    2. no problem bro . I'm happy cause you share my patch . Good Job Bro!

    3. hey admin i got many problem...cannot change the controller and live update...and more..

  2. where is update of transfers of the summer ibrahimovic,pogba,pjanic,kante,,, and many more

    1. What are you sayin ? it includes latest transfers !

  3. Is this working for win10? No 0xc0000142 error?

  4. say that edit files is not thesame version (in game)

    1. put the option file ( KONAMI Folder ) to your document folder

  5. hey
    it's should download konami dlc 2.0 or include the patch??

  6. Hi Admin. How to solve white pitch error?

  7. Rusty Pillay un genrate apocaze_5mainpitch.cpk and it will work good

  8. hey admin why the game is more fasster after put the patch?? it's realy bad how i return the game play to normal ??? please help

    1. you can change the gamespeed in your PES. Set it to 0

  9. the gamespeed is 0 but the game is faster after the patch.. the players shoot and every thing is faster the game play i feel it turned into pes 2013 or somthing like that it's really bad why it's happened??

    1. i don't know, maybe he changed the gamplay... you should try to contact the author,

  10. hello admin i downloaded the patch but it doasn't work there are no news and when i put EDIT it's say unable because data is from different version what can i do

    1. did you put the KONAMI folder to your Documents\ ?

  11. Hey Admin & Authors, thanks for Your hardwork to make a great Job.
    But i feel very uncomfortable for picture setting (contrast, sharpness, & etc).
    How to roll back to the previous (original) setting?
    I think for this part also need to give option the default (original) setting.

  12. Pls... Can i get a video tutorial on the installation?

    1. No.

      Installation is fast and easy.. all you have to do is follow the instruction above properly

  13. Replies
    1. Yes, look at the compability

      – Full Version (Steam & non-Steam)

      non-steam means CPY version

  14. Hi admin, i already folow the step, but i think i do some wrong, cos Ibrahimmovic still on PSG and i cant find Indonesia AFF squad too

    1. you need to copy the save data to your document folder


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