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PES 2017 Player Data Editor (PC-OF) - Beta v1.2.0 by Devil Cold52

PES 2017 Miniface Patch

PES 2017 Player Data Editor | 2.9 MB

Another great tool by Devil Cold52, he created PES 2017 Player Data Editor. This will help you to modify PES Player, Team Info, Language settings and Team Color. You can read all the info below.

General Info:

1- Player Edit
2- Team Edit
3- Language Settings
4- Teamcolor Edit

Player Edit:

-Player Name
-Player ID
-Kit Name
-Player Style
-Player Age
-Player Height And Weight
-Player Abilities
-Player Positions (Playable and Registered)
-Player Skils
-COM Playing Styles (When On The Ball)
-Player Motion (Dribbling, Kick Motion, Goal Celebration and etc.)
-Stronger Foot
-Injury Resistance
-Weak Foot Usage / Weak Foot Accuracy
-Player Import
-Player Export
-Player Transfer
-Created players from in-game editor are supported
Team Edit:

-Team ID
-Team Nationality
-Team Name
-Team Short Name
-Team coach ID (Write Coach's ID To Change Coach of Team)
-Banner's Text

Coach Edit:

-Coach ID
-Coach Name
-Coach preview ID
-Team color Edit (Teamcolor.bin is needed)

Teamcolor.bin file is located in dt10_win.cpk
in next version, there will be more features

Changelog 1.2 

Fixed :

-English Language mistakes fixed.
-When you transfer a player to a new team -it is automatically deleted from old team.
-Team name not changing fixed.
-Transfering in the same team is not possible anymore.
-Searching Player is fixed

What is New:

-Global Adjustments
-First letter up
-Upper Letter Words
-Weak Foot, Form edit.
-Boot edit (Boots.bin)
-Pes Stats Database import.
-Next Gen editor 2016 import.
-New Search Option.
-Player Commentary Change(compatible: English Commentary Update By predator002)
-Team Commentary Change(compatible: English Commentary Update By predator002)
-Export all Players.
-All players of the team export.
-Create Face folder into players.
-Create Face folder of the Team players.
-Export Teams into csv file.
-Export players into csv file.

Global Functions:
-Global Adjustments
-First letter up
-Upper Letter Words
-Others stats.
-Count of players.
-Count of Teams.
-Edit DLC version and exe version.

Stadiums and Leagues
-Stadium Name,ID change And Count Of Stadıums.
-League Name, Ball and ID change.

-Home Stadium change
-Home Stadium Name for Team
-Home Stadium options edit
-Player Numbers
-Game Plan
-Team export/import

-Player boot
-Appearance (limited)
-Skin color (fixed)

Author By Devil Cold52

Special Thanks: TeKo, Fatih Kuyucak,Mustafa U.,Smeagol75,Rasuna,Onur Yilmaz,Tunabrain4cc


1: Open the program then click File\Open OF button.
2. The program makes backup acctually, but for safety make a backup of your Option File before editing
2: Choose EDIT00000000 which is located Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save
3: After editing, do not forget to save it.
4. To save the program

PES 2017 Player Data Editor



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