CRI File System Tools

CRI File System tools

CRI File System tools | 4 MB

CRI File System tools is the tools to create data to be handled by the CRI File System library. The package of the CRI File System Tools contains the following tools.

CPK File Builder 
"CPK File Builder" is a GUI version tool to create a CPK file. Register files and directories by dragging and dropping them. You can change as you like the directory structure and group files.  The tool is also equipped with a function to optimize file allocation.

CRI Packed File Maker 
"CRI Packed File Maker" is the simple version of the CPK creation tool.  You can easily create a CPK file simply by collecting files to a directory and dragging and dropping it.

Console version CRI Packed File Maker 
This is the console version CRI Packed File Maker.  In a CSV file, define in advance the files you want to pack, and then start the tool with the file specified for the command argument.

Excel version CPK file creation tool "MakeCpk" 
This tool lets you directly create a CPK file using an Excel worksheet. You can easily create a CPK file simply by defining a file list in a worksheet and clicking the button. 



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