CPK File Manager v1.7a by SXSXSX

CPK File Manager

CPK File Manager by SXSXSX | 621 KB

Unpack & manage any .CPK file for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and latest version. It's available for GUI version tool to create a CPK file. Register files and directories by dragging and dropping them. You can change as you like the directory structure and group files.  The tool is also equipped with a function to optimize file allocation. Another alternative tool is CRI File System Tools.

Features :

* Fast loading *.CPK files
* Easy’n’Fast file find/access with indexed file list (old style)
* Auto-ZLib Compress/DeCompress
* Import/Export all of game files
* Supported texture types; DDS,PNG
* Better Texture Preview
* Auto-Expand file slot when importing big files
* Support Console & PC version 
* File Hex-edit with external editor (put your hex-editor path into config.ini)
* Decode/Encode *.cpk files properly

Homepage https://www.evo-web.co.uk/threads/74966/

Changelog :

  • Supported DDS formats for APK textures [with No MipMap]: DXT1, DXT1a, DXT5, 32bit_ARGB (uncompressed)

CPK File Manager


RAR PASSWORD : www.pesnewupdate.com

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