PES 2017 PES exTReme 17 Patch Update v2.1 + FIX Season 2016/2017

PES exTReme

PES 2017 PES exTReme 17 Season 2016/2017

Create gamers football fans especially Pro Evolution Soccer series or familiarly abbreviated as PES there is good news for you all where Konami as the developer of this popular ball series announced will release Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. The award winning series returns taking the famed gameplay to a new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and new authentic visuals.

PES 2017 is the best football game I've ever played, offline. The online game mode still continues to have the same issues as the previous series, even now there is an increase in various aspects but not as I had hoped. PES 2017’s standout attribute – which harks right back to the glory days of the series – is the sheer soccer feel it offers. Passes go exactly where you aim them, at the speed you specify. Loose balls ping around convincingly: you must work hard to get them under control, and your adrenaline levels are just as likely to be spiked by a scrappy period of penalty-box pinball as by an immaculate volley from a perfectly executed cross.

With FIFA 17 bringing changes in various aspects, the competition will be even more fierce this year. Konami have a chance to take the title this year and indeed they do it in this game. But there's still a lot of homework to do. Of course, compared with the previous series, PES 2017 presents a series of improvements, both in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Patch Info :

This is the new PES 17 exTReme Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. If you're turkish, it's recommended to use this patch.

Features :

- Compatible with DLC 3.00 and version 1.04
- Sports Toto Super League staff, formality, added with the players faces.
- TFF 1.Legal staff, formality, added with the players faces.
- Bundes staff, formality, players were added with their faces.
- Added MLS league.
- New teams have been added to other European teams.
- In the rating, non-licensed teams and players are licensed.
- Added Turkish Spiker.
- exTReme 17 Interface added.
- Updated crampons added.
- Minifacelles added to players playing in important teams and leagues.
- More than 90% of the players of Spor Toto Süper Lig have added minifacers.
- Sports Toto Super League 2016/2017 added balls for the match ball and other leagues.
- The goalkeeper has added a glove pack.
- Şükrü Saracoglu Stadium, TT Arena, Avni Aker Stadium, Torque Arena, Crocodile Arena and foreign stadiums have been added to the new stadiums.
- Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş and Trabzonspor 's exit to the field and added after the goal music.
- Added 13 chants in Spor Toto Super League.
- TFF 1.Lig'de 3 bragging cheers have been added.
- Added Turkish announcements for extension time.
- Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Besiktas and Trabzonspor'da Turkish player change announcements were added.
- Added personal cheer for Robin van Persie. (If Robin van Persie is in the top 11, he's cheered before the game.)
- Announcer added after Robin van Persie and Wesley Sneijder scored special goals.
- Some footballers have added special goal joys.
- Spor Toto Super League, TFF 1st League, Ziraat Turkey Cup, Premier League, La Liga and many scoreboard mode modifiers added.
- Attendance removal mode added to the interface.
- Referee formality added to the game.
- January transfers added.


Installation :

Installation of the form fix file;

  1. Unzip the rar file.
  2. Place the files in the folder where the game is installed in the "download" folder and confirm the replacement prompt.
  3. The data version is not active in the fields of error or in the play of the patch etc. Those who have problems can download this file.
  4. Data Version Error Solution FIX: Drop the DpFileList.bin file into the "download" folder in the directory where the game is installed and confirm the query.
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to play Update 2.1, it must be installed in previous versions.
Installation Order

PES exTReme 17 Version 1
PES exTReme 17 Update 1.1
PES exTReme 17 Version 2
PES exTReme 17 V2 Fix
PES exTReme 17 Update 2.1
PES exTReme 17 V2.1 Fix Formation
PES exTReme 17 V2.1 Logo Fix

Changelog v2 :
  • Players' age, weight, nationality, position, skin color etc. Features have been re-edited and errors have been removed.
  • Transfers updated.
  • The wrong faces were smoothed.
  • STSL and TFF 1.Lig formally updated and numbered.
  • National team formulary was updated and alternatives were added.
  • The number of faces rose to over 2000.
  • MLS was re-opted.
  • Chinese Super League added to the game.
  • New European teams added.
  • The teams that were added to Europe were re-audited.
  • Minifaceler was added to the teams added to Europe.
  • Added choreography to all Super League teams.
  • Bullets updated
  • Crampons updated
  • Vodafone Arena was added.
  • The stadiums have been updated and the number of Turkish stadiums has been increased.
  • Legend players have been added to the game.
  • National anthems added to the game.
  • Goalkeeper gloves have been updated.
  • HD Graphics mode added to the game. (With more than one option)
  • Special press rooms for teams were added to the game.
  • Super League teams have added a special key press modes. (Menu modes have been added for 4 larger ones.)
  • The players added tattoos. (You can activate in other modes in the interface.)
  • The grass was added to the mode selector as an option last year.
  • The torch mode was added to the game.
  • Added music packages.
  • The score boards have been updated.
  • Sider was added.
  • FIX : The system data is prepared for incompatible errors. Also added tattoo removal mode. We have also added a mode selector removal feature since player hieroglyphs can not be added properly to the game this year. If you activate the tattoo mode, some players may have mistakes in the eyes, and if you are careful about these things, you can cancel the tattoo mode from the interface. The wrong player faces will be fixed in future updates.

PES 2017 PES exTReme 17 Patch

PES 2017 PES exTReme 17 Patch

PES 2017 PES exTReme 17

PES 2017 PES exTReme 17

PES 2017 PES exTReme 17



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