PES 2017 Ball Server v1.2 for LiveCPK Sider by Zlac

PES 2017 Ball Server for LiveCPK Sider by Zlac

A new tool for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, to run this tool you need to have LiveCPK Sider by Juce & Nesa24 here. Credit goes to Zlac for making this amazing tool !

Info :

LiveCPK Sider required ( Download Here - Always Update ! ) Please, always use latest LiveCPK Sider to run this tool :)

  • GDB-style unlimited ball management
  • simplified ball packaging - all ball-related files in just one folder (see the balls included in this release)
  • ball assignment to individual home teams via map_teams.txt file
  • ball assignment to competitions via map_competitions.txt file - i.e. all teams participating in particular competition will use identical ball
IMPORTANT : by default, competition assignment always takes priority over team assignment in all modes except Exhibition mode matches but, there's a way to override that behavior for any individual competition - by slightly modifying BallServer.lua script itself, you can add/remove competition IDs in override_competitions table, thus defining more or less competitions where team assignment takes priority over competition assignment support for optional ball to be used in final match only (not tested yet, hopefully in works)
  • correct ball previews are displayed in match menus (where available, depending on game mode)
Current limitations:
Ball names cannot be changed (in menus, replays, etc.)

How to use:
  1. Unpack the archive and copy folders 'content' and 'modules' inside your sider 3.3.2 folder
  2. Add lua.module = "BallServer.lua" at the end of sider.ini
  3. Customize map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt files and add more ball folders in content\ball-server folder
Thread :

Changelog 1.2 :

[1.2 - New] Support for switching ball names
[1.2 - New] Support for optional winter ball during winter season
IMPORTANT: All existing map_competitions.txt files must be updated to include additional value for winter ball - each line must contain exactly 3 "," signs separating 4 values (either real paths or empty values)
One additional comma at the end of the line - if you don't want to use specific winter ball
0, Nike Ordem 4 Hi-Vis Premier League 16-17,,            
Or additional ball path at the end of the line - if you want to use specific winter ball
39, Nike Ordem 4 Hi-Vis Premier League 16-17,, Adidas UEFA Champions League Finale Cardiff 2017    
[1.2 - New] Deactivation of ball server while game is in the edit mode


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