CG PES Explorer Version 0.6 FIX by Shawminator

CG PES Explorer Version by Shawminator

CG PES Explorer Version by Shawminator

The complete ultimate tool from Shawminator for Pro Evolution Soccer games. Works best with PES 2018 or PES 2019 !

Features of CG PES Explorer Version by Shawminator

CPK Reader/Writer
FTEX Reader/Writer
APK Reader/Writer
DpFileList.bin Reader/Writer/Management
Texture Previewing/Export/Import
FPK Reader/Writer
FMDL Reader (WIP)
String Reader/Writer(WIP)
Database Editor(WIP)
Compatibility with Sider/LiveCPK if released for pes2019 (Currently works well with 2018)
PNG Previewing/Export/Import
DDS Previewing/Export/Import

How to Use :

- Read the manual inside the file !

FIX : Replace current exe file with the new one !

Homepage :

Thread :

ChangeLog for Version 0.6

Exporting from single cpks produce object reference error - Fixed
Importing to stadium LUT files(rgb8 format) produced Object reference error - Fixed
Updated code architexture to x64 to allow for better memeory management.
String editing 100% complete
Model Previews with OBJ Export
Small profile manager to allow deleteion of old Profiles at startup
FtexTool for batch converts to and from dds
Cpk extract
Live update - credit to @zlac
New apk process to read larger DDS Textures in scoreboard mods.
Due to update to x64 new cpkwrapper written to work allong with existing Cri Packed FileMaker dlls.
Updated sider manager
Added search function to search for files in VFS, usng $$ as wilcard to find partial matches

Note : If you found any bugs, please report to the official thread above !


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