PES 2019 GFX Mod 3.0 AIO by Chuny

PES 2019

PES 2019 GFX Mod 2019 by Chuny

GFX Mod is back with Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. Thanks to Chuny, now you can enjoy one of the best graphic mod for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PC. And the best part of it is, PES 2019 GFX Mod 2019 by Chuny doesn't slow your PES 2019 Performance ! unlike the previous GFX Mod, PES 2019 GFX Mod 2019 by Chuny doesn't need a powerful PC to run. PES 2019 GFX Mod 2019 by Chuny also works best with PES 2019 MjTs-140914 Stadium Pack !

What's the difference between this and ReShade/SweetFX?​

- First of all, there's no 3rd party tool/injector involved, this is PES own color palette. So it won't add input lag, it won't kill your FPS if you don't have a powerful system. It will run just as smooth as the game itself because... it's IN the game itself

- Second of all, it won't affect ANYTHING else but the graphics within the match itself (during gameplay). So it won't change your menus. It won't change your Scoreboard's color. It won't affect the Power Bar colors nor the Hud. Nothing. Just the graphics while you play :D​

Installation :

1. Install Sider 5 by Juce.

2. Download & Extract GFX Mod with WinRAR.

3. Copy all folder from GFX Mod to your PES 2019 game folder

4. Open the file Sider.ini and add the GFX_MOD folder to the LiveCPK folders part of the code and the GFX_MOD module in that part of the code, making sure both of these lines are above the rest of your LiveCPK folder and above the rest of your modules, respectively):

livecpk.enabled = 1
lua.gc.opt = "step" (you may have "collect" here, that works too!)
cpk.root = ".\GFX_MOD"


lua.enabled = 1
lua.module = "GFX_MOD.lua"

4. Done & Play !

Thread :

PES 2019 GFX Mod 3.0 AIO by Chuny

PES 2019 GFX Mod 3.0 AIO by Chuny


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