TUTORIAL - Relinking Chants by Predator002

TUTORIAL - Relinking Chants by Predator002

This example is replacing Barcelona chant audio with Eibar chant audio. Obviously with the presumption that the audio is ready to import.

Barcelona's ID is 108 | Decimal to Hex is 006C | PES Hex ID is 6C00
Eibar's ID is 4146 | Decimal to Hex is 1032 | PES Hex ID is 3210

Step 1 - Replacing Chant Audio

- Download Eternity Audio Tools, download here
- Extract dt44_all.cpk to a directory
- Copy Chant.acb and Chant.awb together into a new directory
- Open the Chant.acb within Eternity Audio Tools, it will automatically access audio from Chant.awb
- You will now see a list of audio files. The Rxxxx identifies the team e.g. R0108 is Barcelona
- You can right click on any or all files you wish to replace (extract and import options are available)
- The tool accepts all audio formats and there is no prior conversion needed. The tool will import audio as HCA
- After the replacement is done you can now click save and the new Chant.acb and Chant.awb will be created
- If you are building a new CPK ensure you save each file to the directories:

- common\sound\match\acb\chant
- common\sound\match\awb\chant​

Step 2 - Relinking Chants

- Open Chantlist.bin with a Hex editor. I recommend HxD, download here
- Search the bin for 6C00 and you will see the following: -

- Replace 6C00 with 3210

- Eibar will now be using the chant slots originally given to Barcelona
- You can now click Save and the amended chantlist.bin is ready to use
- If you are building a new CPK ensure you save the file into the directory:
- common\sound\match​
- You can now build a new CPK and test ingame

Note :

Eternity Audio Tools needs the visual studio 2013 redistributable for x86_64, that you may or may not have already. If when running the exe, you get a "MSVCP120.dll" missing, download this package from Microsoft, and choose "vcredist_x64.exe" for Windows 64-bit or "vcredist_x86.exe" for Windows 32-bit.

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