PES 2020 Serie A & Serie B Stadium Pack AIO FIXED Version by Ando'12345

Serie A

PES 2020 Serie A Stadium Pack from PES 2019

Thanks to Ando'12345, now you can enjoy most Serie A Stadiums in PES 2020 PC. All these stadiums are converted from lohan258, omarbonvi and Ismail 1795 PES 2019 Serie A Stadiums. These stadiums are in Stadium-Server format. You can also create it to cpk file with CRI Packed File Maker.


New AIO version with all stadiums with pitch white and pitch flickering fixed

Stadium List :

Atleti Azzurri D'Italia
Luigi Ferraris Genoa
Luigi Ferraris Sampdoria   
Ennio Tardini
Dacia Arena
Carlo Castellani
Paolo Mazza
Stadio Dall'Ara
Sardegna Arena
Marcantonio Bentegodi
Mapei Stadium
Benito Stirpe
Stadio Olimpico Lazio
Artemio Franchi
Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino
San Paolo
Stadio Olimpico Roma
Marcantonio Bentegodi Hellas Verona

In this pack are included all the Serie A stadiums, are also included the stadiums of 3 Serie B teams that are: Chievo Verona, Empoli and Frosinone.

How to Install : 

Delete the old version ( If you already had it )

1. Install Sider 6

2. Install PES 2020 Stadium Server by Zlac

3. Copy Content folder to your Sider.exe location

4. Open PES 2020 and play !

*(For who have the old version) Delete the Super-Global folder



  1. Hello, do you have any idea of how to conect the stadiums with the correct team via the Teams map?

    1. There's a guide how to do that in map_teams.txt. You can read the manual from that file.

  2. hi i have downloaded 5000 pack stadiums for pes 2013....but still dont have idea on how to install it....can u give me idea

    1. First of all this post is about PES 2020 not PES 2013.

      You need PES 2013 gameplay tool by Jenkey1002

      There's plenty guide on google / youtube about how to use it.

  3. Hi. I really need your help. I have downloaded this pack for the Marcantonio Bentegodi stadium and have done everything correct. But when I load up the stadium it is all black except for the adboards. I really need this to work as I have a master league with chievo verona and really want this stadium. Please if you can help me thanks

    1. You need to check your map_teams.txt and make sure the stadium is connected to its team id

    2. Hey sorry for the late reply. I have tried your suggestion. Stadium ID 009 Team ID 188 but it still remains the same. I have searched everywhere for a fix but theres none so I would really appreciate your help. Everything is pitch black except for the adboards which are very bright. I really need this stadium if you have any other solutions please let me know thanks. P.S if it helps I can post a screenshot of how the stadium looks

    3. screenshot your stadium-server folder, also post your map_teams.txt, sider.ini, sider.log on

  4. - stadium server - map teams txt - sider.ini

    1. Your stadium format in map_teams is wrong mate. It should be like this

      188, 009, Marcantonio Bentegodi, Chievo

      188 = Team ID
      009 = Stadium ID
      Marcantonio Bentegodi = Stadium Name
      Chivo = Your folder stadium name

      The black stadium caused by you didn't write stadium path inside your map_teams.txt. That's why sider couldn't find when reading the map_teams.txt.

      The information is ALREADY INCLUDED inside map_teams.txt. You need to read it how to write correct format in stadium-server. See this image

      I suggest you need to learn more about stadium-server on evo-web

    2. i did the same thing , some stadium look good , but some of them still in black , i'm not talking about this pack , i just downloaded another stadiums , but they are in black i don't know why.
      the pack is from rafael133bnu

    3. you already have your answer above yours

  5. Hey mate, the Torino stadium shows black lines when playing. I am guessing its the stands. How to remove them?


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