PES 2020 Gameplay Patch 1.03.01 Unofficial Version by Jostike Games

PES 2020 Gameplay Patch Unofficial Version by Jostike Games

New gameplay patch for eFootball PES 2020 PC Version. Remember, this gameplay patch works only for offline. Backup your original file before using this one !


-It has managed to balance the system of faults, now the ridiculous skinny will occur in fewer situations
-The game has been balanced in high difficulty modes, achieving more realistic results.
- anti lag system (new, experimental)
- the values in the rections of the players have been modified, thus achieving improvements in dribbling, more realistic situations in bounces and melee friction (soil, air)
Modified values from the previous version (V1.01.03)
-the ball / modified effect values have been modified
-It has improved the system of shots, faults, passes, heads, walls and shots into the hole making them less predictable, less accurate (now they are more real) / modified
-Now the game is much more dynamic if one wants to play this way, it is also possible to make a much more leisurely / modified game
-the dynamics were improved by improving the unofficial version 1.01.03 and the konami defalult 1.02.00

How to Use :

1. Extract with WinRAR

2. Go to PES 2020 game folder and backup your original PES2020.exe ( important )

3. Now Replace with PES2020.exe from Jostike Games

\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020

4. Copy CPK File to your PES 2020 download folder

\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\download

5. Open PES 2020 Dpfilelist generator and click generate

6. Play

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  1. When I open the CPK in a viewer there doesn't appear to be anything in it. Am I missing something? Thanks!

    1. The author modified the file so it can be viewed / extract by common CRI Packed File Maker. You need other tool to open it.

  2. I followed your tutorial but if run the exe I get the "Unable to initialize steam api" error... If I try to load the game via sider, my system data are considered outdated and I would need to overwrite them...
    Where's my mistake?

    1. Your edit000000000 file isn't compatible with latest datapack 3.01


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