PES 2021 Patch 2021 Stadium V4.1 Add-On

PES 2021 Patch 2021 Stadium Pack

VirtuaRED Stadium Pack for eFootball PES 2021 PC. It's 100% compatible with VirtuaRED Patch 2021 V3.

Compatible :

Changelog Stadium V4.1

Updated a total of 50 stadiums.
Added 58 new stadiums. Total amount: 949.
Improved turf in some stadiums.

General Stadium Features : 

- The best collection of stadiums you will never find. The patch includes a total of 891 stadiums of the best quality, and some of them are edited exclusively for our patch. Many stadiums have been updated with current sponsors, improved details, fixed flickering and roof issues, etc.
- All the stadiums are assigned to their local teams, and to the competition's final matches, being as much realistic as possible.
- Aerial views for some stadiums in the game, working on day and night matches. Total amount: 18.
- Improved the sunlighten for many stadiums, including dynamic illumination (sunset in the first half, night in the second half).
- All UCL and UEL stadiums have the official decoration at the stadium's scoreboard.
- All the photographers in UCL and UAL stadiums have the official competition bibs.
- Added new turfs of the best quality
- Corner flag server which includes the original corner flags for 74 competitions, for 318 teams.
- Choreos for all the Spanish and German stadiums, and also for some others.
- Using the Dragovic & Jostike Games choreo server as a base, which has been extended by us. Total amount: 81.
- Flares at the beginning of the match in all the Brazilian stadiums and some from Argentina.
- Custom stadium previews design, so all the stadiums have the same preview style.
- All the stadiums in the game have a new preview with a really nice look & feel.
- Real tunnels, nets, goalposts, and small details for a high amount of stadiums.
- Using a custom adboard collection that includes real adboards for all the competitions in the game, specific team adboards, global adboards and neutral adboards for the generic stadiums. Many adboards are animated.
- Using the Hawke's small details in Stadiums mod, which improveds the textures and addes small details in the stadiums.
- Using the Hawke's ballboys server v2 as a base, which has been extended by us. It includes custom ballboys and bench players for 31 teams and 10 competitions.
- [Optional] Includes a mod to delete the crowd, waving flags, and camera flashes (lockdown mode).


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