PES 2021 Ultimate Atmosphere Ver 1.06a by Urbanhack86

PES 2021 Ultimate Atmosphere by Urbanhack86

New mod to improve graphic atmosphere your PES 2021 PC.  This include Enhanced Weathers, Turf, Lighting to make the game more realistic. 

*Recommended to use High Spec PC before using this mod for better results*

Features : 

-Realistic 3D Grass
-New Turf/Pitch
-Enhanced Lighting/Sunlight
-Improved Rain Drops
-Realistic GoalNets
-Realistic Fog
-Improved Color Grading
-Enhanced Land Marking Lines
-And a Lot More...

How to Use :

1. Extract with WinRAR

2. Copy Ultimate_ATM folder to your livecpk folder

3. Open sider.ini and add

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Ultimate_ATM"

4. Done !

Please disable or remove any lighting or turf mod to avoid conflict.

Note : 

For Those Who Experiment Stuttering Issues or Lowering FPS Remove Fox Folder.

PayPal :


Update Ver. 1.06a
Reverted turf_bsm_alp_rgba32.ftex to 1.04v.
Added Custom Alpha Channel To turf_bsm_alp_rgba32.ftex File.
Updated All Three Presets Color Grading.
Set Preset Default To Default Preset.
Fixed Sky Glow Issue In Camp Nou Stadium.
Updated Pitch Pattern To El Monumental Stadium.


Can I Use It With Other Turf/Lights Mods?
-No, You Cant, This Mod Already Modify The Turf, Same For Lights Mods.

I Dont Have Any Other Turf/Lights Mod Installed But My Game Dont Look Like Screenshots.
-Check You Have Game Brightness 50/50.

Its Compatible With VirtuaRed, SmokePatch, EvowebPatch, Other?
-I Made It For VirtuaRed Patch V3, But Im Surely It Work Fine With Other Patches.

The Mod Isnt Working With Custom Stadiums In Stadium-Server.
-You Need Use The AddOn Mod And Install It Manualy.

I Dont Like Some Grass Pattern In "X" Stadium.
-U Can Copy pitch_grain_alp.ftex File From Other Stadium As You Like And Paste To The New One.

I Dont See Fog In Some Stadiums
-The Fog Feature Is Different For Each Stadium, I Made 6 Different Patterns: Mornig/Afternoon Afternon/Night Morning/Night With +/- Intensity,
You Need Try Any Of These Patterns.

It Work With PES2020?
-Maybe, I Didnt Test It.

Credits : 
Moiduran2 (Worn Decals) And Frostbite Pitch By Makidan14, Cuz Not Need Make New Work Where Good Work Already Exists. If You Like Support Their Amazing Work Contact Him.



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  1. Great looking mod! Is this already in Virtuared 3.0 or is this an add on? thanks


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