PES 2021 UML eXTREME Edition V2.1 Season 2021/2022

PES 2021 UML eXTREME Edition V2.1 Season 2021/2022

PES 2021 UML eXTREME Edition V2.1 Season 2021/2022

Ultimate Master League eXTREME Edition is an updated mod for VirtuaRED Patch 2021 v4 made by PogChampion. 

Thread :


Features : 

2021/2022 Transfers have been fully completed for ALL European teams plus more notable transfers for teams outside of Europe
All player contracts are based on real life
Formations are now updated to resemble the real life teams with their active lineups. The variety of different tactics and formations will give you a different challenge with every match
AI playing long balls on each possession is a thing of past as well as improved defensive tactics for top teams to prevent giving out big amount of easy goals due to defensive line going too high
Almost every player in the game has their stats updated with 2000+ players being updated since the last release
Along with that there's a big number of position changes to replicate the player's current position IRL
Coaches and Team Rivals have been set for all European teams
Many players added that are missing in the game with more coming with each update
Implemented 32 real youth system players with some new players added since the last update
Switch between English and US English to choose either of the 2 styles of club names
Updated Champions League and Europa League teams

Created Player IDs :

(New system)

Player ratings and market prices are a result of a formula I came up with that determines the values with the help of the age of the player, the current and overall career performance and the real market price of the player.

This has been applied to a huge amount of players but now I came up with a new formula that will result in even more accurate and more realistic overall ratings and market prices. The new formula has been applied to some players already but it will take time to cover the majority of the players.

Younger players, especially age 20 or less have market prices set a lot higher than their real market price because the game has a basic price increase system which would otherwise leave them very cheap even when they hit a high overall rating.


Individual stats is another thing that is getting a complete makeover. There are certain stats that the Konami completely neglects for particular instances so I'm basically redoing the stats from the ground.
The new individual stats are also already applied to some players and are getting added to the rest of the players.
You will notice quite a difference with the stats while the overall rating will stay pretty much the same.
There are a few different sources that I'm using to determine the stats and making it as accurate as possible.


As you're probably already aware of, the transfers have been completely done for all European teams in the game as of date of the release. Obviously the players that are not in the database can't be transferred to the right team until I or VirtuaRed team adds them to the game. I created around 70 new players, mostly covering players with higher market values or regular first team players. I'm aware that there's still a lot players missing but I have no intention to on add much more as VirtuaRed team is working on a new update which will probably include a lot of new players so I don't wanna do a double work and will now rather focus on other things for now.


All players having birthday before 1st of January 2022 got their age increased +1 so you might see a player being a year older in the game even though IRL he still didn't have his birthday. ūü•≥


Well known issue in Master League is AI often not using their first choice keeper making it sometimes very easy to exploit that.

By increasing the form, stamina and injury resistance for keepers this issue is somewhat regulated and you should now see AI using their best keeper more often.


Not much to explain here, players got updated in these segments based on real life data.


This is something that definitely needs a better explanation so you can know what to expect. This doesn't work as turning the switch on or off. Every player has to be adjusted individually in order to increase or decrease his potential/growth speed.
Players that will develop more are players that are actual potentials in real life, but there are still a lot of different variables that determine the player growth. Injuries, playing time, performance are all playing a part in this but still the biggest one is the set potential at the start.
Also there's an example for some players that slowly improve in rating, but it's not because of them not developing. It's because the stats important for their position are already close to maximum, therefore they can't improve in the overall rating as much as others.


Player forms will be updated based on current season performances.


This is set to reflect the real life teams as much as possible. Important thing to mention is that the tactics for all European clubs have been set to avoid AI kicking out long balls on almost every possession. Another tactic adjustment is fixing the top teams standing too high and giving out countless counter attacks, or in other words too many easy goals.


Fake youth team players are now replaced with actual real players that are not in the database. For now they're created for the first season, but I'm working on creating real players that will join the youth system after the first season as well.


Injuries in the game are basically non existent so I reduced the injury resistance for all players (except GKs).
Have in mind that the majority of injuries will occur due to fatigue of the player.


Rivals are set for the team only if they have an actual rival in real life. I didn't add a random rival just because a particular team doesn't have one.


All European teams have updated coaches with images added as well.

How To USe : 


Compatible with VirtuaRED 4.1

1. Start the game with PES2021.exe

2. Complete the live update and let the game create a new EDIT file (Close the game after that)

3. Go to "sider.ini" in your eFootball PES 2021 folder and put a line: cpk.root = ".\livecpk\UML_Database" and place it just below VRED_BootsandGloves

4. Delete the line cpk.root = ".\livecpk\VRED_Database"

5. Inside "sider.ini" add a line: cpk.root = ".\livecpk\UML_Menu" and place it above "cpk.root = ".\livecpk\VRED_CompetitionMenus"

6. Delete the line cpk.root = ".\livecpk\VRED_Menu"

7. Copy folders "UML_Database" & "UML_Menu" and paste them inside the "livecpk" folder

8. (OPTIONAL) Inside "sider.ini" add a line: cpk.root = ".\livecpk\UML_HiddenArrows" (Hidden Arrows don't work properly with US English language option)

9. (OPTIONAL) Copy folder "UML_HiddenArrows" and paste it inside the "livecpk" folder

10. Add all minifaces here (Overwrite): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021\livecpk\VRED_Minifaces\common\render\symbol\player

PES 2021 ULTIMATE MASTER LEAGUE - eXTREME Edition by PogChampion

PES 2021 ULTIMATE MASTER LEAGUE - eXTREME Edition by PogChampion

PES 2021 ULTIMATE MASTER LEAGUE - eXTREME Edition by PogChampion

PES 2021 ULTIMATE MASTER LEAGUE - eXTREME Edition by PogChampion

PES 2021 ULTIMATE MASTER LEAGUE - eXTREME Edition by PogChampion

PES 2021 ULTIMATE MASTER LEAGUE - eXTREME Edition by PogChampion


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  1. Hey Pogchampion how can I contact u? Only thing for the formations is on advanced instructions remove deep defensive line. Also for player development make it so some players can improve until 30yrs old as some players peak at that age. Thanks


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