PES2021 FootyChallenger PC Option File V3.2 Compilation Season 2021/2022

PES2021 FootyChallenger PC Option File Compilation 2021/2022

PES2021 FootyChallenger PC Option File Compilation 2021/2022

Compilation Option file by wenyong for PES 2021 PC. This option file is not compatible with other patches / option file, so you need a clean PES 2021 without patches/option file befoew using this one.

Thread :

This option file focuses on PC users to simply drag and drop the option file and play in ease for those who prefer to keep it simple as patches can mess up things that are difficult to change in-game (kit colors, faces etc.)

- This option file focuses on fixing the fundamentals. This is not a patch for people who wants every team but rather focuses on adding key missing elements missing from the game such as unlicensed teams and players from the main game, and adding key leagues which are updated and in sync with Konami's updates (stats, faces) for Bundesliga, MLS. This also focuses on no duplication of players. All kits are 2048x2048.

- Works great for people who use Sider modules as well. I personally use this with Siders, and it allows more flexibility for me personally. You can find Bundesliga team IDs in this post for you to install stadiums from them if you wish to

Note: This is a compilation patch, which includes numerous works from different creators all over the PES community. I do not claim credit, as my job is only updating and sorting out things such as updating stats, unlicensed teams, kits, transfers (mainly Bundesliga), and Singapore teams for the community who are sick of importing and updating things Konami messes up from every DP.

Licensed all unlicensed teams and players from the base game
- English Championship
- La Liga
- La Liga 2
- Serie A (Inter Millan & AC Millan)
- Seria B (Brescia)
- Liga NOS (CD Nacional)
- Colombia League (Atletico Huila)
- Brazillan League (Germio & Palmeiras)
- All National Teams with correct kits and correct players
- New 2021-2022 kits for major leagues and teams.

- All teams are ready for new season squads. Cannot promise 100%, but they are extremely updated with no teams that are from the previous season's squad.

New Leagues and Teams
- Bundesliga
- Extra European and Asian teams for Champions League

Datapack 7.0
- Datapack 7.0 compatible. Make sure you are on this version.

Up to date with Konami's Live Update 17/6/21.

- Euro2020 squads are up to date thanks to Konami.
- Switch Henderson (Injured) with Ramsdale for the England squad. Removed C. Eriksen (hospitalized) from Denmark.
- Linked newly added Euro2020 players to their respective Bundesliga club counterparts. (Hummels etc.)
- Some new kits were worn by club teams before the season ended (Leicester City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Everton ect.)
- Some Singapore Premier League transfers and kit update

Clean slate of the entire OF. Ready for Season 21/22. All teams updated.

- All clubs in Europe, Asia, and North/ South America updated.
- Some promoted teams but not all due to in-game editor's restrictions.
- New 21/22 kits for major leagues and teams.

Map for Stadium Server Bundesliga

# Bundesliga

2293, 009, Schüco Arena, Bundesliga\Schüco Arena # Arminia Bielefeld
2344, 009, WWK Arena, Bundesliga\WWK Arena # Ausgburg
2353, 051, Signal Iduna Park, Bundesliga\Signal Iduna Park # Dortmund
128, 009, Bay Arena, Bundesliga\Bay Arena # Leverkusen
2298, 009, Borussia Park, Bundesliga\Borussia Park # Borussia Mönchengladbach
2300, 009, Commerzbank-Arena, Bundesliga\Commerzbank-Arena # Eintracht Frankfurt
2350, 009, Schwarzwald Stadion, Bundesliga\Schwarzwald Stadion # Freiburg
2346, 009, Olympiastadion, Bundesliga\Olympiastadion Berlin # Hertha Berlin
2347, 009, PreZero Arena, Bundesliga\PreZero Arena # Hoffenheim
2345, 009, Rhein Energie Stadion, Bundesliga\Rhein Energie Stadion # Köln
2348, 009, Opel Arena, Bundesliga\Opel Arena # Mainz
2349, 009, Red Bull Arena, Bundesliga\Red Bull Arena # Leipzig
2351, 009, Mercedes-Benz Arena, Bundesliga\Mercedes-Benz Arena # Stuttgart
2297, 009, Stadion An der Alten Försterei, Bundesliga\Stadion An der Alten Försterei # Union Berlin
2355, 009, Volkswagen Arena, Bundesliga\Volkswagen Arena # Wolfsburg

- File is based mainly on editemospes' option files, But heavily tweaked and adjusted, and fixed. Support them here:
- Emerson Pereira for Brazillian Seria A and B
- J League teams by JPESEDIT
- Some teams from creators all over the internet
- SiuMing for his incredibly useful editor which cut down kit conversions and PlayerID reassignments from potentially days to just hours.
- Wenyong for making sure different option files work together without conflict
- Wenyong  for Portuguese League 21/22 summer transfers
- Wenyong for Singapore teams
- Wenyong  for updated transfers for numerous teams which have no updated transfers available which I had to update them myself such as some Latin American teams
- Wenyong  for going through all teams individually to reset line-ups to make sure no players are out of positions
- Wenyong for converting TED imports to make sure kits that are imported are in 2048x2048 pixels


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