PES 2011 Gameplay Patch Collection by Komu

PES 2011 Gameplay Patch by Komu Collection

PES 2011 Gameplay Patch by Komu Collection

Some gameplay patch collection by komu for PES 2011 PC. Reuploaded for archive purposes only.

This collection includes : & 1.06b & 108b & 109b

Changelog v1.03:
- Improved AI: sharper and more "big match" aware, less "fake" cheating
- reduced stupid lags when controlling/receiving the ball
- better response
- Totally removed AI scripting dependence for players form in game.
- More realistic player behavior (top players should behave and perform like top players and differentiate from mediocre players)
- Players get to the end of the match in better shape (PES default made em look like zombies with 20 minutes left!!)

Changelog v1.04:

Now we are tuning the real gameplay deep into the AI (both AI CPU and player AI mates). The play should be more intelligent with better more realistic game build up. AI will react in a more realistic way to how game strategies are being played, both position and passing are tuned. Funny enough, I just enabled parts of the code that were unused due to coding malpractice. Looks like KONAMI left all the ingredients for an excellent game but they refused to make it right??? (smells like a commercial trick)

NOTE: The result of the patch is that AI will participate on a more intelligent way on the game, this is a subtle change that should improve the gameplay a lot. But don't expect miracles, the game is what it is.

Changelog v1.05:
-Tune up the fatigue for non CPU players.

Changelog v1.06:
-Tune up the gameplay, a little more aggressive on the attack.

Changelog v1.07:
-Fixed some quirks

Changelog v1.08:
Adapted to KONAMI update 1.20

Changelog v1.08a:
- Improved opponent AI (adjust game difficulty accordingly)

Changelog v1.08b:
- Same as 1.08a but with more realistic (slower) game speed and player form

Changelog v1.09a:
- Improved general gameplay balance, allow for more "creativity" for AI gameplay.
- Increased gameplay responsiveness

Changelog v1.09b:
- Same as 1.09a but with more realistic (slower) game speed and player form

Changelog v1.30:
- Updated to KONAMI OFFICIAL UPDATE v1.30 (no-CD patch by FAiRLiGHT)

Changelog v1.31:
- Included PES2010 camera tweaks (Thanks goes to MxSoNiC)

Instructions (Choose one)

1. Use the patcher tool to patch pes2011.exe
2. Enjoy

*If the gameplay file already include PES2011.exe, Just replace the already patched PES2011.exe from komu's gameplay to your PES 2011 game directory.


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