PES 2008 YNWA Patch Version 1.1 Final Season 2007/2008

PES 2008 YNWA Patch Season 2007/2008

PES 2008 PC Patch by YNWA. Include original season 2007/2008 for PES 2008 PC.

*The installer for version 1.0 is in russian, i couldn't find the english version :(

Version 1.1 Final

- New and edited Premier League kits
- Added league logos for Premier League kits
- Added new Premier League captain's armbands
- All the latest kits for Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie, LFP and Others leagues
- Edited some kits National teams and leagues Others A and B
- New numbers and fonts -
config.txt corrected ! - Fixed appearance and names of some players Other

- Correct ingame ball names

Option File
- All transfers (till 10.02.08)
- Correct formations, starting line-ups, substitution bench for ALL PES 2008 clubs
- Some corrected apperiances and player names

- Kitserver 7.1.0m (with afs2fs.dll v7.1.1.3 and kserv.dll v7.1.0.19)

- Run PES 2008 Patch 1.1 Update - Select game directory - Click "Install" Credits - Dark Nero,

El_Gordito Forms , Gu3d4, Hello, Jumberto, Serginho7, The_Juice, Francole, FrankTitas, ProXimO, jvinu2000, biker_jim_uk, dPM_HeMan, Chr!s, SimonHibsey, V@DER, Yogui, Billy, Kleimann, seve, Asiat, A_l_s, Tunevi, odiney, Marco76ers , jonzi9, The Billo, Devill_SFC, UJ Supanova - Other Juce 

Version 1.0

- New pitches made individually for each stadium (Total 24 textures (Day + Night))
- New alphas (3) for all stadiums
- Original billboards for stadiums Estadio do Dragao, Santiago Bernabeu, San Siro
- New "black-style" shields for all other stadiums
- Removed bags around the goal net
- Changed goalposts

- All English Premier League
kits - All National Team kits
- New kits for clubs in European leagues such as Serie A, LFP, Eredevisie and Ligue 1
- New numbers and fonts for Premier League
- Fixed many numbers and fonts of Italian and Spanish clubs
- New numbers and fonts for National Teams
- Fixed kit configurations for all clubs and national teams (kit models, kit colors on the radar, numbers location and description)

- New faces for Drogba, Lampard, Terry, Tevez, Eto'o, Messi, Valdez , Panucci, Toure, Diarra, Adebayor, Torres, Gerrard, Vicente, Quaresma, Kaka, David Villa, Miguel, Carew, Saviola, Carrick, Agger, Scholes, Van Der Vaart, Pauleta and many more…

- New Nike Mercurial Veer balls UEFA, Nike Mercurial Veer, Nike Total 90 Aerow II 07-08 (Red/White), Nike Total 90 Aerow II EPL 07-08, Nike Total 90 Aerow II 07-08 (Purple/Yellow), Adidas Teamgeist, Adidas Finale 7 , Adidas EuroPass, Umbro X-III and others…
- Preview photo in game
- Real names of balls in game

- New Nike T90 Laser White, Adidas Predator Powerswerve Black, Nike MVIII Argon Blue and more…
- In-Game Photo Preview

- New 3D National Teams and Competition Logos
- 64x64 and 128x128 HD Club Emblems
- New HD Player Position Emblems
- PS 2 gamepad
- FIFA Fair Play banner
- ESPN logo in replays, statistics window and post-match previews
- ESPN scoreboard
- New League mode window
- New Cup mode window (Individual for EURO 2008, FIFA World Cup 2010 and others)
- New 3D logos in mode Editing

Option File
- All transfers (as of 01.01.08)
- Corrected the names of Premier League clubs and national teams
- Real cup and league
names - Corrected player names, appearance
- Real stadium names
- Corrected names, numbers, lineups for Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Italy, Sweden and England
- Real lineups for top European clubs
- All Premier League players have real surnames on T-shirts

- Kitserver 7.1.0m
- Fixed settings.exe (all resolutions up to 1280x1024 are available)

- X-Box gamepad
- 16:9 screen mode patch

- Run the installer - select the directory with the game - click "Install"

Important !
- If you are using 16:9 screen mode - copy cv_0.img folder from PES 2008 Patch/Screen Mode/16-9 to kitserver/img/ folder
- The patch will automatically replace your Option File, settings.exe, PES2008.exe and kitserver
- It is recommended to install the patch on a clean (without patches) version of PES 2008


Many thanks to Juce for kitserver!

Also a special thanks to Roamer for providing the kits, working on tweaking the kit configurations and creating a bootpack specifically for this patch

- Frenkie Stadium, Ninuzzu
- KitsDark Nero, El_Gordito, Gu3d4, Hello, Jumberto, Serginho7, The_Juice, Francole, FrankTitas, ProXimO, jvinu2000, biker_jim_uk, dPM_HeMan, Chr!s, SimonHibsey, V@DER, Yogui, Billy, Kleimann, seve, Asiat, A_l_s, Tunevi , odiney, Marco76ers, jonzi9, The Billo
- Faces sZ0lpAs, KingBob, Divex, Lobo, Giovani, Ume, Ronie, BILAK, m.FaTiH, The Kadir, Gunner, Don_rxf, Fran_CB, bartek-brt, VictoriuS, Valfourrecity, DaNi, Fresco90, Manduca#11, Klear, EricVN, McZi, k1k@w1, Mulder, Amir And Reza, foxsel, Ronaldinho-10, rooss8, eXtreme, Pijuelo, El Fluppe, 7_David_Villa
- Balls _Dert_, neuq
- Boots Paul81118, lobo
- Graphics jacksion1984, ProXimO, PlaManU
- Option FilePATe.Arminia, , Nadeem979
- Other Juce, _Dert_



  1. I can only play in 1280x720 is there a way around this?

    1. change the lod setting in kitserver folder


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