PES 2013 UltiMATe Patch 2013 Season 2012/2013

PESVN Patch 2013 New Season 2021/2022

PES 2013 UltiMATe Patch 2013 Season 2012/2013

PES 2013 Original Season 2012/2013 made by SKAy90973. Reuploaded for Archive purposes only.

*If you want to play original Season 2012/2013 Season, do not install update 2.0*

Changelog 2.0 :

- Compatibility with DLC 6.0
- Started summer transfers 2013/2014
- Updated uniforms for some teams (including CIS clubs)
- Fixed hairstyles (UPL, Belarus)
- Added faces
- Added UPL stadiums:
Chernomorets Arena - Chernomorets Odessa;
Stadium Metallurg - Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih;
Avangard Stadium (Lugansk) - Zarya Lugansk;
Avangard Stadium (Lutsk) - Volyn Lutsk;
RSK Lokomotiv - Tavria Simferopol;
Dynamo Stadium - Arsenal Kyiv.
- New type of menu is optimized for all screen resolutions (selection in the selector)
- Increased the skills of players in some leagues
- 1 gameplay set up (customization is possible to your taste)

Main Features : 

- Completely separate, independent patch (its own exe, save folder, update download folder)
- DLC 5.0
- Konami Patch 1.03
- Gameplay tool 3.2.4 for windows 7/8
- Gameplay tool 3.2.1 for windows XP
- List of Leagues:
EPL ( England) J, Ligue 1 (France), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), Liga BBVA (Spain), UPL (Ukraine), SOGAZ Championat (Russia), Belarus League (Belarus), NPower Championship (England), Serie B (Italy), 2 Bundesliga (Germany), Liga Adelante (Spain), PFL (Ukraine), FNL (Russia)
- Instead of classic teams:
Participants of the Commonwealth Cup 2013Russia U-21, Ukraine U-21, Belarus U-21, Moldova U-21,Kazakhstan U-21,Uzbekistan U-21,Lithuania U-21,Tajikistan U-21
- Added to the group of UEFA teams (Other Europe): teams participating in the Europa League; several leading teams of the CIS championships
- The following were added to the national teams:Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania
- Instead of Copa Libertadores, the CIS Cup was created among the best teams of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Lithuania

Patch content:
- Latest transfers
- New graphic design
- New musical design
- New pack of balls
- New pack of boots
- All forms updated
- All forms in the GDB folder
- TV pop-ups for all championships
- 107 stadiums (Russia, Ukraine, England, Germany, France, Italy, etc.) in the GDB folder
- 20 editorial stadiums for PFL and FNL teams
- Each league and stadium has its own shields
- A large number of banners, including for Belarusian teams
- A huge number of faces
- Real sponsors in the Master League
- A large number of chants for all championships (not in the Gameplay tool)
- Real uniforms of judges
- Real coaches and staff in the ML and BL
- Russian commentators 6.0
- And much more.....

Selector functions:
- Selection of the first divisions for the championships that you will play in the FL
- "Champions League" mode: There are 32 correct teams in the Champions League group, instead
of the first division of the Belarusian League; Selecting the channel for broadcasting the Champions League and the Champions League
- Selecting goalkeeper gloves
- Selecting the font in the game menu
- Selecting referee kits
- Selecting the background in the menu in the pre-match window
- Selecting the menu style
- Calling the game settings and the Gameplay tool
- Restoring the rld.dll crack module
- Starting the game:
1 gameplay - DOWNLOAD customized gameplay
2 gameplay - by yair25

Credits :

Installation :

1. Extract each UPS 2013 files, place these files into 1 folder

UPS 2013 v.1.0-1.bin
UPS 2013 v.1.0-2.bin
UPS 2013 v.1.0-3.bin 
UPS 2013 v.1.0-4.bin
UPS 2013 v.1.0-5.bin
UPS 2013 v.1.0-6.bin
UPS 2013 v.1.0-7.bin
UPS 2013 v.1.0.exe

2. Run the installer from UPS 2013 v.1.0.exe and wait until finish

3. Done



  1. This is the only DataPack 6 original season patch, right? Also uptobox .com gives virus alert on ESET, is it false positive? I avoid uptobox, Sharemods is good.

    1. Changelog 2.0 :

      - Compatibility with DLC 6.0
      - Started summer transfers 2013/2014

      It's false positive, Been using uptobox for years with no problem. I'm using eset myself, you need to make exlcusion for the site and install adblocker like ublock origin to your browser.

      If you're good with sharemods then you can avoid uptobox

  2. good patch but whats wrong with the players rating?? why they are low ?? specially defenders for example
    Terry rating 74 !!?? he is one of the best defender and his rating original pes wasnt like this and check others

  3. How to change the language, also the commentary its in russain or smonthing please help



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