PES 2017 PS3 CFW Patch AIO DataPack 3.00 by LinkModz Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 PS3 CFW

PES 2017 PS3 CFW Patch Season 2016/2017

Here's another patch for PES 2017 PlayStation 3. The patch is made by LinkModz. Patch works for CFW version of PlayStation 3. You can read all the features below :

Features :

- English League [Premier League]
- English League Division 2 [Sky Bet Championship]
- Spanish Liga [LALIGA Santander]
- Spanish League Division 2 [LALIGA 1 2 3]
- Italian League [Serie A TIM] Only two teams, Juventus FC, U. S Sassoulo
- Italian League Division 2 [Series B]
- Portuguese League [League NOS]
- National Teams Logos Changed

Changelog 3.00 UPDATED 13/02/2017

+ 50 balls cronos 
+ 100 BootsPack by Oxarapesedit 
New Stadium :
- Old Trafford
- Allianz Arena
- Stamford Bridge
- Stadio Olympico
- Juventus Stadio
- Among others
+ Included the Edition Files that the Live Update of the 10/02/2107 has implemented, with the Player Transfers Updated
+ Updated Kits for the Following Leagues:
- Premier League
- Sky Bet Championship
- LaLiga Santander
- LaLiga 1 I 2 I 3
- League NOS
A series
- Juventus
- Sassoulo
- Serie B

  • In the rar is a folder "ps3" which contains the editing file with the updated file in the game.
  • Other shields and kits for other teams have been added to zenit, galatasaray, fenerbahce, rotov, etc .. !! It is necessary to edit the name of the team from the internal editor of the game to give it a little game realism
Details Archive Edition: BLES / BLUS

- Renamed all unlicensed teams with their real names
- Renamed all competitions without License with their real names
- Transfers Updated for all teams


- Have PS3 CFW also known as Pirate PS3. To install this version of the patch does not need any previous versions
- Patch compatible with EUR [BLES] Versions and USA [BLUS]
- With this patch you do not need the SAVEDATA to have updated the files because it was implemented in the data base of the patch

Installation :

1. Once you have downloaded the RAR you have to unzip it and we will have the following files:
- BLES02237_DATAPACK [Folder containing Patch + DLC 3.00]
- EP0101-BLES02237_00-PES2017EUPATCH02-A0105-V0100-PE.pkg [Update 1.05]
- "PS3" folder

2. You have to copy the files to the root of a USB in Fat32 which are: "BLES02237_DATAPACK", "EP0101-BLES02237_00-PES2017EUPATCH02-A0104-V0100-PE.pkg" Y The "PS3"

3. Start multiman, go to the File Manager, enter "PS3 Root" and look for our connected usb, usually appears as "dev_usb000" or "dev_usb001"
And look for the folder "BLES02237_DATAPACK" we select it with "X" and then we give "O" and we give the option "COPY".

4. Look for the following path "dev_hdd0", give it twice "X" to open the directory, then look for the following folder "game" in minuscula open the folder "game"
And this is where we will paste the "BLES02237_DATAPACK" folder.

5. Enter the Recovery Mode of our PS3 and give you the option [4] Rebuild Database

6. Once you have done this we have the patch installed in the game, now you have to update the game to the latest update for that is the following files
"EP0101-BLES02237_00-PES2017EUPATCH02-A0104-V0100-PE.pkg" is installed from "INSTALL PACKAGE FILES" in the main menu of our PS3.

Then copy the SAVEDATA to our PS3

7. Then we set up the game PES2017 with multiman and we launch it and we should have our game updated with the DataPack 3.00 next to the patch LinkModz Patch.


PES 2017 PS3 CFW Patch AIO

PES 2017 PS3 CFW Patch AIO

PES 2017 PS3 CFW Patch AIO


RAR PASSWORD : LinkModzPatch


  1. Can i play online with this patch instaled ?

    1. thank you PES Update i tried it step by step and it work fine absolutely wonderfull good job

  2. is rebuilding database will erase the game or multiman ?

    1. rebuilding will erase only your media files it won`t touch multiman or your games i`ve tried it

  3. Hi guys
    Sky Bet Champions 100% Licensed - Missing strip for all clubs
    National teams with licensed kits 100% - missing strip
    Also in other eu teams and bundesliga twice team like a dortmund,leverkusen,schalke.
    Missing some players.
    I will not discourage you,but best patch for me ,complete and very seriously job for guys made it gamebox for pes 2016.
    I hope you will correct your fault and allow us to play and endjoy in master league

  4. stadium problem white ? estadio aztece - king fahd - prince abdullah

  5. When you put messi's boots and you set barca's homeground (camp nou) , it game freezes.

    1. hmm... report it to linkmodz, maybe he will fix it later

  6. thx a lot guys 4 ur job!

    My son is very happy to play Pes on ps3 and is waiting 4 the next issue, ;)

  7. thnks a lot guys everything work well but players have the same adidas boots idk why

    1. maybe it's a bug, i don't know too cause i don't play ps3. Just wait linkmodz to update his patch

  8. Replies
    1. Add Kitt update referee,gloves n new logo Juventus!!!!! Thanks before

    2. did you understand what i say ?

      it's not my work, i'm unable to update everything.

      just wait, if linkmodz release new version i will update it... otherwise there's no way to update it by myself.

      so stop request everything here.

  9. Please add Bundesliga without correct squad for next update and additional Anfield road

    1. this is not my patch, but if the author update his patch, i will post it.

  10. Stadium problem white because mode night..... Mode day its fix. Nothing stadium problem white more

  11. I'm currently using another patch for PES (gembox patch). Is it okay if I direcly install this patch or shall I uninstall my old patch first? Can u help me how to uninstall the old patch?

    1. You need to remove the old patch.

      no, i can't help

    2. Please can you share link to get GEMBOX's patch?

    3. gembox patch isn't free. Buy it.

  12. Password isnt LinkModzPatch. Please provide the correct one.

    1. That's the correct one from the author himself. Try to turn off your av while extracting the file or update your WinRAR

  13. good bro.. waiting for tatto pes 2017

  14. Stuck at first logo konami linkmodz, please help, only black screen what i got, thanks

    1. sorry i can't help, try to contact LinkModz from his YouTube Channel

    2. had same problem, tried many stunts butthis was worked for me saved the game on my external HD, load from the ExT HD, that fixed it loads and plays ok no hitches

  15. hey, i had installed Linkmodz patch on my ps3 and when i start a match it's completely silent I don't hear any commentary or crowd noises, what can i do please?


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