PES 2013 PESEdit Factory Patch v2.0 Season 2017/2018

PES 2013 PESEdit Factory Patch Season 2017/2018

PESEdit.com Factory Patch is basically PESEdit.com Patch 6.0 with new updates. The updates including many faces, kits, logos and new league structure. Please remember, before installing this update, you need to have PESEdit.com Patch 6.0 to be installed in your PC. Don't worry, i have provided all the link for free 😀

Thanks to Missa from PESEdit.com Forum for creating the patch !

Updated League 2017/2018

- Premier League 100%
- Ligue 1 100%
- Eredivisie 100%
- LaLiga 100%
- Liga NOS 100%
- 1.Bundesliga 100%
- Other Teams 100%
- Sky Bet Championship 100%
- Liga Adelante 100%
- Ligue 2 100%
- 2. Bundesliga 100%
- Serie B 100%

Installation :

* You must have PesEdit 6.0 clean installation *

1. Change 2nd division to Sky Bet Championship

2. Delete your old edit.bin files from documents ( ALL )

3. Delete faces and kits from GDB kitserver

4. Copy and past faces and kits from files that you download in kitserver->GDB folder

5. Copy and paste new edit.bin files that you download in document files

6. Copy and past unmade_2739 (EMBLEMS) in kitserver13->pesedit->img->dt0f.img

7. Now delete unmade 1982 from pesedit-ml

8. Copy and paste unmade_1982 from League Structure (Main file) and past this file in kitserver13->pesedit->img->dt0f.img

9. 2nd files in 'League Structure' folder you must have for switch to 2nd divison. Every time you change 2nd divison. You must past unmade_1982 named for that division example '2. Bundesliga' you past in kitserver->pesedit-ml dtof.img folder only when you switch to that divison.

Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/PES-2013-Pesedit-Factory-1515715471980349

Important : Make sure you all like PESEdit Factory Patch Facebook fanpage to ge more future updates !


PES 2013 PESEdit Factory Patch v2.0 Season 2017/2018

PES 2013 PESEdit Factory Patch v2.0 Season 2017/2018

PES 2013 PESEdit Factory Patch v2.0 Season 2017/2018

PES 2013 PESEdit Factory Patch v2.0 Season 2017/2018

PASSWORD : www.pesnewupdate.com


  1. come on why you dont add turkish super league

    1. Because the author of the patch isn't turkish. But if you want turkish league, we have some patches





  2. Can you get me the link to Pes Edit 6.0?

    1. if you're not lazy, pesedit 6.0 is already in the download link.

    2. First of all it´s "If you were not lazy", second maybe i am asking this because the link is not working for me? Maybe because i press skip ad and it brings me back to the same spot? But its ok i fixed it, already installed this patch and i got to say thank you,because this is the best patch i´ve ever installed! Cheers!

  3. The problem is that every time I select a second division, you need to rename the league. Does anyone know how to do this?


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