PES 2018 XBOX 360 The Best World Patch v1.9 Season 2017/2018

PES 2018

PES 2018 XBOX 360 The Best World Patch Season 2017/2018

“Where Legends Are Made” Featuring its biggest advances in over a decade, KONAMI looks to cement PES 2018's reputation as the definitive football title. PES 2018 features more new additions than any other PES title in the last 10 years, and no part of the game has been left untouched. At its heart remains the famed gameplay where users enjoy complete control over the on-field action, using players that behave, move and react just like their real-life counterparts. New additions to the control systems add more fluidity to the game, while a new user interface makes accessing the many facets of PES 2018 a simpler process.

Features :

- New kits added for 2017/2018.
- Updated generic club names & league
- Updated Icons & Emblems
- New Glovespack & Bootpack
- Updated Commentary of Cléber Machado.

Included :

Premier League 2017/18
Sky BET Championship 2017/18
Ligue 1 2017/18
Ligue 2 2015/16
Série A TIM 2017/18
Série B 2017/18
Everedise 2017/18
Liga Santander 2017/18
La Liga 1|2|3 2017/18
Liga NOS 2017/18
Brasileirão Série A 2017/18
Argentina Primeira Division 2017/18
Bundesliga 2017/18
Liga Aguila 2017/18
Campeonato Chileno 2017/18

- And many more features !

Thread :

Changelog 16-12-2017 :

- Updated Kits, Emblems, and faces, stadium



  1. ETC1 and ETC2 and ETC3 Not working

  2. can someone help me,how to install this patch?.

    1. snang je bang..ko donload horizon dlu..pastu sambungkan hdd y ad save game pes..pastu bkk horizon inject fail dlm tu..

    2. Do you have YouTube link for this tutorial?

  3. thanks..very satisfied..i just got problem with bayern munich bcause it not the real player..

  4. i have to install the dlc first ?

  5. I have the 1.7 Patch ... do I have to download all the the files of this 1.8 patch or I can just copy some of the files and just add them to the 1.7 Patch and it's will work ?

    1. No you don't just download the new update, you can see the date on the download link. And replace your old files with the new one. It should be fine.

  6. Can this patch work on a console or its only for PCs?

  7. Teams like Juventus, Bayern, Valencia do not have correct Home Grounds and I can't change that in Edit mode. Please, can you fix this problem??


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