PES 2018 Hybrid Config Lag Remover v1 for Low PC by Theartman

PES 2018 Lag Remover by Theartman

PES 2018 came with high-end spesification. If your spec isn't good and want to run PES 2018, you can use this file to increase PES 2018 FPS. The file originally made for PES 2018 Demo, but it works also with PES 2018 Full Version release.

This is PES 2018 new optimation based from full game, I calling this "Hybrid" Config

Note :

* Not recomended for high end PC user, its need more experience on graphic
* For more fps, used performance setting on VGA control panel setting
* Play on 720p
* Sett rendering in game=> low setting (for demo game default one just medium setting)

Thread :

Changelog Hybrid Config 

- Working in full PEs 2018 game database
- All render setting forced to verylow, some setting you can change it in game
- This config was set the "render setting" to this result:

Depth of Field [forced to "off"]
Antialiasing FXAA [forced to "off"]
Texture Filtering [set to "low"] {you can choose "medium" or "high" setting in render setting}
Motion Blur [forced to "off"]
Bloom [forced to "off"]
Ambient Occlusion [forced to "off"]
Shadow [forced to "low"]
Post processing [in game setting]
Lens Simulation [forced to "low"]
Effect [in game setting]
Cloth simulation [in game setting]
Pitchside [in game setting]
Turf [in game setting]
Goal net [in game setting]
Spectator [in game setting]

- Recomended setting for performance in PES 2018 "Render Setting" is "low"

How to Use :

1. Extract the file with WinRAR

2. Backup your original dt00_x64.cpk.

3. Copy your new dt00_x64.cpk to

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018\DATA

4. Done


PES 2018 Lag Remover by Theartman

PES 2018 Lag Remover by Theartman

PES 2018 Hybrid Config Lag Remover ( Increase FPS ) by Theartman

PES 2018 Hybrid Config Lag Remover ( Increase FPS ) by Theartman

PES 2018 Hybrid Config Lag Remover ( Increase FPS ) by Theartman

PES 2018 Hybrid Config Lag Remover ( Increase FPS ) by Theartman



  1. Thanks man, its really working, it increased about 8-10 fps on pes 18 demo.
    Hope you can optimize it further.

    1. if you want more optimize, maybe you should buy a better hardware

  2. i have quad core x 1,7 processor , game works better but not enought . It is any solution for low proccesor?

  3. i have core i7 2.20 Ghz 8gb ram and 4gb double graphics Nvidia Gforce GT 525M and Intel HD 3000 1GB dedicated but PES 2018 is running slow any solution for making it faster please?? Help

  4. @PesNewupdate. Your comments are funny. Everybody knows that there is something wrong with otimalization. There are many apps changing the code of Pes18 which helps with that problem. Konami should fire the team responsible for otimalization. It is definitely mistake and not the specification problem

    1. Or people should move on and get a better rig. Seriously, this year KONAMI provided a better version of PES 2018 for PC and now PES 2018 PC version is compatible with 4K. Unlike some bad ports like previous version ( PES 2017, PES 2016, PES 2015 ). I have no idea why you're talking about, there's still mistake in PES 2018, yes but they've been improved. For example you see your above comment, he's using a 6-year-old graphic card and want to play a 2017 game PES 2018 ? and you think it's KONAMI's fault not specification problem ? I've seen many people can run PES 2018 smoothly but if people have an old fart PC spec, it's time to upgrade the hardware.

  5. Thanks bruh... You are a life saver. I was thinking about moving to FIFA


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