PES 2018 Team Name Changer v1.1 by Razor87

Name Changer

PES 2018 Team Name Changer by Razor87

This is simple tool by Razor87 to change the Team Name. It's more convenience to change the fake name in PES2018 to its real name using CSV. This tool also can be use for PES2017. Take note, any changes on the Team ID in CSV will not affect after saving the file. The tool will only save the Team Name and Short Name.  Please don't change the team order in CSV Only support ENG language for this moment.

What This Tool Can do:
* Edit Individu Team Name and Short Name
* Export, Edit and Import Team Name in CSV

How to Use:

1. Load folder contain Team.bin (unzlibbed)
2. Make changes on the indiviual Team name and Apply
3. Or Export to CSV, edit from CSV and Import from CSV back
4. Save File

Thread :

Changelog 1.1 :

* Now short Team name save correctly
* Special character exported and imported correctly in CSV
* Option to license the Team
* Option to change from Fake to Real Team


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