PES 2020 PC Option File DLC 5.0 by Ruitrind [ MLS / Liga MX / Uruguay ]

PES 2020 PC Compilation Option File by Ruitrind

It's basically a compilation OF for PES 2020 PC from many option file on the internet. Thanks to Ruitrind.

*Datapack 5.0 compatible
*Updated 01/04/2020 for Liga Uruguay Version

Includes 3 different version :

- With MLS
- With Liga MX
- With Liga Uruguay
- Updated Winter transfers 2019/2020

Features : 

Jupiler League (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Sponsors,Stadiums)
3F Super League ( kits, Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Stadiums)
Ligue 1(kits,Managers,Logos,Rivals, Banners, Sponsors 40%, Stadiums )
Ligue 2 (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Banners,Sponsors 40%,Stadiums)
Serie A ( kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Banners,Sponsors,Stadiums )
Serie B ( kits, Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Banners, Sponsors, Stadiums)
Eredevisie (kits, Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Stadiums)
League NOS (kits,Managers, Logos, Rival Teams,Banners,Sponsors, Stadiums)
Russian Premier League (kits, Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Stadiums)
Labrokes PremierShip (kits, Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Stadiums)
LaLiga (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Banners,Sponsors, Stadiums)
LaLiga 2( kits, Managers, Logos, Rival Teams, Banners, Sponsors, Stadiums)
Raifessen Super League (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Stadiums)
Sport Toto Super(kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Sponsors 40%, Stadiums)
Bundesliga(kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Banners,Sponsors,Stadiums)
Others Europe(kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Sponsors 20%,Stadiums)
Argentina(kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Sponsors,Stadiums)
Brazilian A(kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Banners,Sponsors,Stadiums)
Brazilian B(kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Banners,Sponsors,Stadiums)
AFP Planvital (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Sponsors,Stadiums )
League BetPlay (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams, Sponsors,Stadiums)
Uruguay Championship (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams, Sponsors,Stadiums)
Others Ameriacan Latina (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Stadums)
Chinese League (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Stadiums)
Toyota Thai League (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams)
AFC Champions League (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams, Stadiums)
J 1 League(kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams,Banners,Sponsors,Stadiums)
Other Asian Teams. (kits,Managers,Logos,RivalTeams,Stadiums)
Legends V3 (kits,Managers,Logos,Rival Teams, Stadiums)
National team (kits,Managers,Sponsors)

Installation :

1. Extract with WinRAR

2. Copy save folder to

/Documents/KONAMI/eFootball PES 2020/WEPES/Numbers/

3. Done



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